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November 11, 2014

After I graduated from college, I told myself that this is a good time for me to travel – be it in the Philippines or go to other countries. Out of the blue, people who manage the Taitronics show (it’s an event where they show different kinds of technologies), invited us to attend and see what’s in store for us. On the 3rd of October, it was the time we left for Taiwan via EVA Air in NAIA 1. When we arrived NAIA 1, it was under renovation since there were news shown that the Philippine airport is the #1… worst airport in the world! Good thing they decided to renovate it and I do hope that once I go back to NAIA 1, it will be much better and comfortable. Our flight was at 12:15 and since it was a 2 hr. flight, we would be in Taiwan by 2:30pm. But, we were delayed so we arrived Taiwan around 3pm. Upon arriving Taiwan,we waited for our company partner (the ones who are based in Taiwan and are locals) since we would be staying in their home. Looking out of the windows, I kept on saying in my head on how nice, clean and wide roads do they have. I would wander and think when will Manila ever be like Taiwan? Of course I don’t want to lose hope because we, Filipinos can do something like that as well. We arrived Bade, Taoyuan around quarter to 5 and decided to take a rest with dinner around 7pm.

taiwan81st selfie with the mother dear harhar

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 2.12.54 PM

Everything we ate in Rosa Garden


On our 2nd day, Delfina (our hostess), decided to bring me and mom to this mountain up north called Ching Jing Mountain. The travel time took us around 4 hrs. from Taoyuan, which was just like travelling to Baguio. Although, we kind of got delayed because we had to pick up Delfina’s son in the University and we had a stop over before reaching the University.

Upon arriving ChingJing, I fell in love. It was very cold and you could actually see the thickness of the clouds. There were a lot of local tourists and majority of the hotels in the area were fully booked. It was a different sight to behold since the city has mainly buildings while Chingjing is more on mountains that’s why you will be able to be one with nature.

Around 530pm, we had early dinner in this hotel called The Old England Manor. Upon looking at the hotel, one would actually think that you are in London. But actually, it was in Taiwan ! The interiors really focused on the European feels and I actually felt like I was in a movie. I found out from our hostess that this hotel is owned by a Taiwanese and he brought this idea from Europe. If I were the daughter of the owner, I would gladly run the business <3. We were supposed to stay there for a night just for the experience and to say that we were able to stay in a very expensive hotel (600USD/night) but it was fully booked.


taiwan1The Old England Manor



On the 3rd day, we woke up around 3am because we were able to schedule a bus tour going to the top of Chingjing mountain. At the top, one can see the sunrise, how it encaptures the beauty of the mountains and the clouds knowing you are 4000 ft. above sea level.

We had various stops like on the 1st stop, the tour guide told us to turn off everything that has light and when we turned it off, we actually saw how beautiful the stars were! I felt like I was in planetarium but it was the legit thing already. I hope that the beautiful stars I saw that morning would be shown in Manila as well. People need to realize that these kinds of things can happen in Manila. It just needs discipline from the Filipino people and to end corruption. When 5am came, that was the time that the beautiful sunrise started to approach.






After that early morning view, we went back to the hotel to have our breakfast, took a nap, prepared our stuff and went straight to ChingJing Farm. This farm is not your typical farm. It’s really a royal place since the view feels like you are in New Zealand.

taiwan10I felt like I was in the Sound of Music

20141005_122409Mom’s Baeeee

After that trip, we went back to the city since the next day will be work day. And… that’s all I can share as of the moment since the other days were just the usual routine. I can’t wait to go back to Taiwan and experience ChingJing again!