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Explore Singapore !

September 6, 2015

Singapore is a country that’s part of South East Asia and started having their freedom by the year 1965. This country is considered to be one of those expensive countries in South East Asia. The rise of Singapore would not be possible without Lee Kuan Yew. He was able to make Singapore a clean and safe country by implementing laws and being strict about them for the betterment of the people. Despite being expensive and a small country, Singapore still has a lot to offer which can surprise us.

In order to fully explore Singapore, my cousins, cousin’s teammates and I decided to do it yourself style instead of attending tours. As much as possible, we did not attend tours in order to feel like locals and know the place by heart.

The flight we took going to Singapore was via Cebu Pacific. In fairness, Cebu Pacific has improved a lot. They were able to offer a plane that was suitable for international flights. If you want to get cheap flights to Singapore, you have to check Cebu Pacific’s website from time to time. They tend to give out flight promos. Due to the promo, I was able to pay 6,000 PHP roundtrip.

The trio goes to Singapore !

Staying in Singapore is not cheap. That is why we decided to find hotels/hostels via Agoda because they give price discounts compared to the original price. We were able to look for a hostel called Bunc@Radius Little India.

There are a lot of cheap finds in Singapore. Usually, food stalls would start selling around S$6/meal. For Indian food, they usually start selling around S$7-9/meal. Expensive restaurants would usually cost S$20 and above.

During our stay in Singapore, we would usually go to food stalls because we were on a tight budget. We were only able to splurge on food when we tried out Ce La Vi which is located on the topmost floor of Marina Bay Sands. It is a famous restaurant that a lot of celebrities go to. Their rib eye steak is to die for ! Although it is pricey for a rib eye steak (S$54).

There are different modes of transportation in Singapore. I would recommend to ride the MRT since this is the cheapest among all of the transportation. Riding the MRT would usually cost you S$1.50-2/one way. If you want to have a comfortable ride, then I would suggest riding the taxi. Price depends on the length of your travel.

We would usually go to Bugis Street. In Bugis, this is where you can find a mixture of cheap and expensive things. There’s this small alley where you can find locals selling Singapore goods like t-shirt, keychains, the merlion, etc. If you want to check out the quite expensive part, you can go to their mall.

If you are the type of person who loves to check out really expensive things, go to Orchard Road. This is where you can find H&M, Cotton On, Forever 21, TopShop etc. Orchard Road is very long that you won’t be able to have the patience if you are the type of person who is not fond of shopping.

If you want to go for the very high end shops, you can opt to go to Marina Bay Sands.  In Marina Bay, you can also go to their skydeck to see the view of Singapore and ride their gondola which is inside the mall/hotel. Within Marina Bay Sands, there’s a park called Gardens By the Bay. This is where you can find the beautiful lights at night and see how huge and tall Marina Bay Sands is.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Instagram media by genegoquingco - #vscocam #vscophile #vscosingapore #GenesTravelDiaries #marinabaysands #gardenbythebayGardens By The Bay

Instagram media by genegoquingco - Let's get lost in this wonderful country ✨

Instagram media by genegoquingco - We don't always get to do this. So why not give it a try? 😋Ce La Vi dishes

Instagram media by genegoquingco - These pizzas are yummy but the prices are 😵Yummy pizza but price is gold.

If you want to experience Indian Culture, head to Little India.  This is where you can find Indian cuisine and Indian shops. The famous Mustafa Center is also located here. Mustafa Center is a 24-hr shopping place where you can find cheap finds. I was able to find an Adidas Eau De Toilette which costs S$6 and a Victoria Secret cologne for S$12. At first, I was hesitant to buy because they might be fake but the people surrounding me kept on telling me that Singapore is not allowed to sell fake items.

Indian Cuisine

If you love going to museums, check out Singapore Art Museumlocated at Doby Gaut. This is beside the Admissions Office of Singapore Management University. What I love about this museum is that they are able to showcase deep and meaningful artworks for people to appreciate. Good thing it was free entrance when I decided to check this place out.

Instagram media by genegoquingco - Air PollutionAir Pollution Artwork

Mon Boulet Artwork

Sitting Artwork

When going back to your home country, do explore Changi Airport. Not only do they have shopping centers inside. They also have an entertainment room where you can play video games. They even have a mini theater where you can watch while waiting for your flight.  

Because we did not have enough time to check out the other places in Singapore, I hope to check these out when I go back there :
Singapore Botanical Garden
Singapore Night Zoo
Party at Clark Quay
Singapore Botanical Garden
Visit Temples
MacRitchie Reservoir Park
Ride the bus to go to Malaysia via Singapore


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A Home Away From Home – Bunc@Radius Little India

July 22, 2015

Hello once again ! It has been a long time since I last blogged and to make up for it, I am here to share my experiences with my ever first stay in a hostel – Bunc @ Radius Little India.

When you hear the word hostel, guests start to think that it is not safe since you will be sharing rooms and bathrooms with other people. People may worry on how they can actually keep their things safe and make their room clean since different people have different personalities. Also knowing Singapore, it can be quite expensive as well. My dear friends, fret not ! If you want to save tons of money and at the same time live a comfortable stay in Singapore, then I would highly recommend Bunc Hostel @ Little India.

We booked our stay via Agoda and we were able to get a 8-12 mixed dorm at the price of 5,000 PHP for 6 days and 5 nights. Good thing my cousins and my cousin’s fencing team mates were there. Good reviews were even shown in TripAdvisor that is why we decided to push through with this hostel despite being it our first time to stay in a hostel.

When we arrived Bunc Hostel, we got suprised since what you see in pictures is actually what you get in real life. The first floor was very clean and spacious. Layout of the first floor was well thought of. At the first floor, this is where you can find the common room (where you can chill and hang out) and the dining area. Aside from these things, you can see a poster on one wall of the room where they post information and what you can expect in Singapore. Staffs were also attentive and they made sure our stay was enjoyable. They also gave us tips aside from the one posted on one side of the room.




The dining area is where guests usually take their meals and mingle with other guests staying in Bunc. Part of the package from Agoda was free breakfast. Their breakfast consists of bread and cereals. If you would like to cook your own food, there’s a kitchen on the 2nd floor. When you are done eating, you have to be the one to clean your own dishes and utensils.

For each room, a key card is given to us. The rooms are not that big since we had limited movement but it was clean. The beds were soft and comfortable – given a comforter and 2 pillows for each person. There is also an aircon (which they turn it off during the morning) and a ceiling fan. NOTE:  You should not lose your key card because this will be used to get in the bathroom as well. Thankfully bathrooms for male and female are separated. Also, Bunc Hostel is the only hostel that offers ladies-only dormitory.

They even have an event deck where you can meet different guests, watch TV or play games and to enjoy the wind. Aside from these type of entertainment, they have boardgames if you want to bring it old class. That time we stayed in the hostel, we kept on playing Mastermind. Last is they even have a washing machine where you can clean your clothes.

It is not too late to try to stay in a hostel, specifically Bunc Hostel @ Little India. Enjoy !

Note: Pictures you see here were gotten from Bunc Hostel’s website. I was not in the mood to take a lot of pictures during my stay in Singapore.


Address : 15 Upper Weld Rd., Singapore, Singapore 207372
Outlet – just like the ones in Europe ; S$3 for deposit fee.
Towel : S$5 deposit fee (you get it back when check-out) and pay an actual amount of S$7.
Key Card: please make sure not to lose it – S$10 deposit fee (You get it back when check out)
Computer Rental : S$0.50 for 20 minutes (approach the front desk for help)
Attraction Tickets: You get it at a lower price from the original price. For Universal Studios, original price is S$74. They will sell it around S$64-69.
* You can do free things in Singapore with Bunc Hostel’s help. If you feel like partying, you get to have free access to a partner-up club. You just show a picture (Bunc Hostel will give you a picture) then you are free to enter. They even have food meet ups for free with other guests in this hostel (we were not able to go since it was a holiday)