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Monty Python’s Spamalot Musical

January 27, 2018

The best-reviewed musical comedy of 2017 is back! This is no other than MONTY PYTHON’S SPAMALOT!

Catch the limited run of this “hilarious” (ABS-CBN Lifestyle) Tony Award Winner from April 13-22, 2018. Venue will be at the Globe Auditorium, Maybank Performing Arts Theatre, BGC Arts Center. Text 09178116156 or e-mail for ticket information.

See you all there!


Meet & Greet Choco Mucho Ambassadors : Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata

October 29, 2017

The biscuit brand, Rebisco, created this product called Choco Mucho which a lot of people I personally know loves. Who else are perfect to represent Choco Mucho? It’s no other than Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata.

M E E T  &  G R E E T

Last October 28, Choco Mucho held a meet and greet event for all Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata (#YassNer) fans to interact with. The event was held in The Joy-Nostalg Building. The event started with Yassi & Tanner performing a song for them. Afterwards, an interview was held. Fans who attended this event had the chance to know the latest happenings in the lives of their idols.  Fans had the opportunity to talk to their idol and have their pictures taken. There was also games for fans to play with their idols. Check the photos below how exciting and heavenly this event was.

Yassi talking to her fans

Yassi singing a song to her fans

Tanner singing to his fans

Thank you Choco Mucho for these treats. Til the next event!




Makati Street Meet 2017

June 15, 2017

Makati Street Meet is an event that was established since 2016. This became to be an avenue to discover new food and entertainment every Sunday.

Pound of Fun: Road To Fitness

Last May 28, the theme for this Makati Street Meet was all about fitness. As someone who enjoys working out during their spare time, I knew this would be a great event. Guests had the opportunity to participate with exercises like Zumba, Retro Fitness, Night Street Jam.

The main exercise for this event was Pound. It was my first time to hear about this exercise. Apparently, Pound is a type of exercise that has a lot of cardio involved and got the concept by playing of the drums. It was also cool that the organizers were able to bring international instructors from Singapore! How cool is that?! Check the photos below to see how amazing this event was.

Partnership w/ Karl Edwards – one of the biggest bazaar organizers in the country. Makati community and guests were treated to a wide variety of food and goods that surely brightened up a hot’s summer day.

Horchata to keep us up and about throughout the whole event

Retro Fitness

Pound instructors all the way from Singapore

Night Street Jam

This event was a success and here is to more Makati Street Meet events in the future!

For more information, visit or like and follow Make It Makati on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 




LaBoracay 2016 Experience

May 4, 2016

It has been a long time dream of mine to attend Boracay during Labor Day. I am thankful I was given the chance when I had friends who wanted to attend LaBoracay as well.

LaBoracay is usually done every labor day weekend. From a quiet beach, it becomes to be a 24/7 party central. Everywhere you go, you can hear loud beats and people drinking from the afternoon til sunrise. There were many people who had their first experiences thus the saying “What happens in Boracay, stays in Boracay”. Without further ado, I present to you my experiences during LaBoracay.

1. The crowd lessened compared to previous LaBoracay experiences.

The previous years, I kept on seeing pictures via Instagram that there were a lot of people (to the point people had to squeeze through each other). Instead, it felt like it was a normal day. Yes, there were a lot of locals and tourists BUT it was still manageable. From other blog posts, people would have a hard time to get seats in restaurants. Through my experience, it was easy and we were able to have a proper and decent meal.

2. Go to Station 1 for the party experience.

Everywhere you go, there are parties being held. But, if you really want to party all night and won’t mind the crowd, then do head to Station 1. Our group would usually go to Sur Hotel for the Partyphile party, SunKissed 2016 and Magic 89.9. These parties are free of charge. So expect a lot of people to be there and try to make friends with people surrounding you!

3. ZoukOut 2016

Before Laboracay, there were already posts showing about ZoukOut. ZoukOut is a famous event done by Club Zouk from Singapore. A lot of international DJ’s will be there. I actually wanted to go because Kaskade would be there but I realized it would be a waste of money because I didn’t know the other DJ’s playing and the tickets was quite expensive. We were able to attend the event just by sitting by the beach and listen to the DJ’s being played.

4. Haggle to lower prices for water and land activities

Since we were in Boracay, we decided to do some water activities. We were thankful to have met Kuya Danny. He gave us reasonable prices for these activities. Here is Kuya Danny’s number: 09298831403. When contacting him, just make sure to mention my name and talk to him about the prices for the activities you want to do.

5. Good times with new and old friends

Now that were part of the working class, it’s actually hard to schedule meet ups with friends. LaBoracay is a perfect definition for bonding and good times with friends. It feels great to party with them and have those chill drinking by the beach and talk about anything in life.

6. Expect your flight to be delayed!

We experienced this via PAL. On the way to Boracay, we took the first flight out. Instead of leaving on that said time, we were delayed for an hour! When going back to Manila, our flight was delayed for 2 hours! So my dear friends, do not fret! Stay calm and just try to remember all the good things that happened during that event to be in a positive mood.

I am thankful for this experience and I can’t wait to experience another Laboracay event!



















laboracay12Paraw Sailing


laboracay13Island Hopping








Photo 01-05-2016, 2 16 41 PM




laboracay23It may be scary at first but in the end, it wias worth it


laboracay26Fun times, fun times




laboracay27Thank you for that wonderful adventure. Til the next travel!


(c) Alyanna Bromeo. (c) Gene Goquingco. (c) Karyl Visaya


Paradise International Music Festival

April 13, 2016

The day I have been waiting for! To purchase tickets for Paradise IMF costs an arm and a leg. The day before the event, my family friend messaged me out of the blue. She told me she had 3 Paradise Express Tickets. The only catch with this ticket is that you have to be on the event grounds before 3pm. I did not hesitate and said YES right away.

Here is the following line-up for the event:


What made Paradise IMF different from other music festivals was that they made sure to incorporate different genres into one big event. There was OPM genre – Hale, Up Dharma Down, Cheats, 4th Impact, etc. There was EDM – DJ Nina and Joyce Pring, DJ Rivero, Afrojack, etc. There was Kanye West, who will be the headliner for the event. Along with Kanye West, Wiz Khalifa was also there despite the Twitter fight they had before.

Another difference was the use of cashless access. Instead of  taking out cash from your wallet, they have this accessory called Pouch where they store your cash in it. All you have to do is show that accessory to them and this is where they will take your money you placed. 1 Palm is equal to 1 peso. So let’s say you want to buy a beer that is 100 palms, it actually costs 100 pesos. Along with the Pouch access, this is where they will base your ticket.

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The crowd went wild when Wiz Khalifa & Kanye West performed. To be honest, I only know a few songs of Khalifa and West. But, I still enjoyed and danced to their songs. It was truly a night to remember. Thank you Paradise IMF for bringing these great artists to Manila. I can’t wait what’s in store for next year! 🙂

Photo 09-04-2016, 10 02 42 PM

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Close Up Forever Summer 2015

May 23, 2015

Last year, I had the opportunity to watch the very first Close Up Forever Summer with my cousins and best bud. It was truly an unforgettable night that time. There were lots of crowds who went to watch the main act, Alesso, with the other performers in Circuit Makati.

This year, I was given another chance to watch Close Up Forever Summer and it is also a night that I will remember. The main act was Martin Garrix along with other performers like Eva Shaw, Julius & Angus Stone and other local acts. The difference was that there were not much people who came compared to last year. My friends and I felt like we were in #lolamode already since we got tired easily and we wanted to sit down while enjoying the music. My cousins and their friends were more energetic than us. Although we felt like lolas already, we would still want to attend more music festivals since we are really passionate about EDM music.



Photo 5-17-15, 12 21 09 AM

11275575_10153291637963050_1235073849_n 11262614_1015068738503522_269313659_nWith these wonderful people <3 (c) Gem Diaz


Thank you Close Up! Til the next event!




Fringe MNL : F(r)iction !

February 25, 2015

The LARGEST ARTS FESTIVAL is finally here in Manila !

These Fringe festivals actually started in Edinburgh to Cape Town to Adelaide to New York then finally, Manila. Fringe MNL is an arts festival that showcases different types of art (dance, music, theater etc.) from different walks of life.

Last February 12 2015, Fringe MNL started to open their doors to the public. This event is an 18-day festival that will run until March 1. I found out about this festival through my good college friend and I suddenly got interested to be a part of Fringe MNL even just by volunteering. I am a fan of the arts since I used to dance ballet and streetdance during my younger years and I even took a few years of voice lessons. That is why the arts really holds a special place in my heart.

My college friend and I decided to volunteer as photographers for this festival. Although I would love to attend all of their shows, I cannot since I had to balance work and my extra curricular activities. As the saying goes “If you want something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal”

For this event, my college friend and I documented the whole show. Honestly, we really had a hard time to document the show because the play itself is brilliant ! They may be 3 actors on stage performing but you will be really blown away on how they are able to capture the audience’s attention towards the play and portray different characters. As much as I would want to keep on sharing the story in this blog, I would rather not. I would want YOU to experience the play itself ! Further details regarding the play can be found here.

Photos below are what Angela and I took during the event.

















Happy Fringing ! Please do watch the other shows of Fringe MNL !


Car Show 2013

June 23, 2013

Last May, I along with my mom, aunt, uncle and dad attended this Car Show in Mall of Asia. The cars being displayed were not the brand new cars. Rather, it was focused more on the vintage cars. We went to this event because my dad’s car (Mini Cooper) was displayed! I am thankful that my dad enjoys collecting vintage cars because without that interest, we would not be able to attend this wonderful event.





















Color Manila Run

January 6, 2013


A good morning indeed for me 🙂

* Was supposed to be awake by 3 but instead woke up by 330.

* Picked up my tito in their home then went straight to Bonifacio High Street.

* Fun run started by 6pm. The 10k category went first.

*Next was us, 5k. Just made some brisk walking then ran everytime when I’m almost near the people throwing colored powder at us.

*Succeeded the 5km in an hour and few minutes.

*Hoping for another one hihi 🙂