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Vampire Penguin Manila

February 11, 2018

Shaved snow desserts are getting popular in the Philippines. If you must know what shaved snow is, it’s a combination of ice cream and shaved ice. With shaved snow, it is feathery, has a hint of sweetness and creaminess and very cold. Just one bite, it can instantly melt in your mouth. There’s this shaved snow dessert in the Metro and it is no other than Vampire Penguin Manila.

Located at Ayala Malls the 30th in Pasig, it’s a dessert shop that originally started in California. It’s a family business owned by the San Luis brothers since 2013. For this food event,  I was invited by Sherlyn Hernandez of @wheressherlyn. It was my first time to hear of this dessert place and I wanted to see what they could offer so I said yes to this invitation.


For their specials, Sherlyn and I ordered the Strawberry Cheesecake (280php) and Tuxedo (200php). Their Strawberry Cheesecake consists of Strawberry and Vanilla Snow, Strawberries and Cheesecake. The serving was huge so I highly suggest you share this dessert with someone else (not unless you have a sweet tooth). Their Tuxedo, on the other hand, consists of Chocolate Snow, Sliced Almonds, Strawberries, Marshmallows, Chocolate syrup and Condensed Milk. This is my favorite among all that was served because the strawberry complemented the taste of the chocolate.

Strawberry Cheesecake (280php)

Tuxedo (200php)

Other desserts served were Halo-Halo (225php) and The Jillian (220php). The Jillian consists of Green Tea & Thai Tea Snow, Crushed Oreos and Condensed Milk. This has got to be my 2nd favorite because I love green tea and the taste of the green tea and crushed oreos complemented each other.

Halo-Halo (225php)

The Jillian (220php)

Aside from shaved snow desserts, they also serve different drinks like milk tea to satisfy customer’s cravings.

I am definitely going back to try their other shaved snow desserts and hopefully try their Thai Milk Tea someday.

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

Address: 3/F Ayala Malls The 30th, Meralco Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig, Metro Manila

Contact: +639178926422


Facebook: Vampire Penguin Manila

Instagram: @vampirepenguinmnl

Open from 10am-9pm (Mon-Sun)

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Goals For 2018

January 4, 2018

As I am writing this post, it made me think. Was 2017 even good to me? Certainly not. It was a year of plot twists.

The first few months of 2017 started out great. This was the time I still continued to lose weight to treat my borderline diabetes and PCOS. It was also the time when I went to Baler and celebrated Labor Day with a few friends. It was certainly a fun time because I learned how to surf and started to become more confident with myself. I also had the chance to go back to USA and entertain my grandma while we explore the different states.

But somewhere along the way, I started feeling lost, insecure and unhappy with the way things are going on in my life. I started getting mad and frustrated with myself. This was the time I started to overthink things in which I’m not supposed to do.  I believe it was a wake up call from God. That’s why I decided to distance myself from certain people in order to heal myself again.

I am saying this because I want everyone to know that my life is not perfect. I’m human which means I make mistakes, I get hurt and failures will always be part of my life. I am the type of person who has a hard time to voice out her thoughts and opinions. As an only child, I had to learn to be independent. I can’t depend on other people since I was told that no one will help me but myself. As an only child, I also had to mature fast so that I will properly understand what’s going on with my surroundings. I had this huge patience with everyone I deal with. I also had to show people that I am strong no matter what happens. It’s only through this blog of mine that became to be a safe haven for me.

I am thankful and grateful that I have friends who are very patient with me and understands with what I’m dealing right now. When they found out about my situation, they were very patient and didn’t judge me. As I start 2018, I promise to leave all my negative thoughts and experiences in 2017 and start a new chapter with my life. When I welcomed the New Year, it gave me the time to reflect on what kind of theme and goals I want to achieve. Without further ado, allow me to share to you all my goals for 2018. I believe this will be an exciting journey ahead of me!

M Y  2 0 1 8  T H E M E:


G O A L S  F O R  2 0 1 8:

  1. Practice Self-Love. I told myself that 2018 will be the year that I will be selfish. It means I will be prioritizing my own happiness first and foremost. This will give me the chance to learn how to be an essentialist. When you say essentialism, it’s the ability to say yes to what’s important in your life right now. I must learn how to say no to things that will hinder my growth. If someone invites me to hang out but I just want to stay at home the whole day, then I must learn to say no to that hang out. I constantly need to learn how to speak my thoughts and feelings. I should not be too hard on myself. I should forget about the past, live in the present, and work for the future.
  2.  Get known as a content creator. Last year, I was slowly getting recognized. A lot of opportunities opened up to me. I get invites to restaurants to try their food and stay in a hostel for free. For 2018, my goal is to challenge myself by getting known through different brands. This will be an opportunity for me to get invited to different events and share my craft to other people.
  3. Start YouTube. I’ve always wanted to vlog but I was scared all the time. For this year, I challenge myself to start a YouTube channel and vlog anything and everything under the sun. I want this platform of mine to be an avenue where people can learn how to voice out their own thoughts and opinions. It has also been a dream of mine to be good in hosting so I will use YouTube as a platform to practice my talking skills.
  4. Solo Travel in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to do solo travel but my parents won’t allow me because I’m an only child. They don’t see the importance of solo travel and another factor is that I’m a girl. This year, I want to prove to them that there’s nothing wrong with doing solo travel even though I’m a girl. I will start in the Philippines. I am in the process of saving money for my planned solo travel which will be in Siargao.
  5. Get fit again. When the holidays started, I gained weight. There were lots of food I would constantly take. So for this year, I need to train myself to go back to the gym and lessen my food intake. I do not want to be diabetic please and I want to be able to treat my PCOS.




Yoyoso Philippines Finds : Forever Love Liquid Lipstick

December 29, 2017

I find it interesting on how Koreans take time to care for their skin. Upon observing their face, it is clean and flawless. Visit any Korean beauty stores and they are definitely beauty conscious through the products being sold.

Since the Korean beauty trend is known in the Philippines, my friends joined the bandwagon through purchasing Korean beauty items. One of the Korean beauty items my friends enjoy is the lip and cheek tint. As someone who is all about simple beauty, you will rarely see me with makeup. When I get out of the house, expect my face to be bare. But of course there are times I want to look good for my everyday use and even my travels. Good thing I was able to discover Yoyoso.

Yoyoso is a Korean store chain that offers various items like lifestyle, beauty, travel, home & living, etc. You have the ability to buy items at an affordable price. The lowest price for their make-up will usually cost around 99php. Since I was in the mood to purchase my first cheek and lip tint, I didn’t hesitate to get one right away.

F O R E V E R  L O V E  L I Q U I D  L I P S T I C K

The name of the lip tint is called Forever Love Liquid Lipstick. I decided to get the cheek and lip tint because I am lazy AF when putting on makeup. I want something easy to put on the face and  something easy to bring along with me when I travel.

What I love about this product is that just one swipe on the cheek and/or lip, there’s a lot of formula that will stay. I also like the smell of the lip tint. It reminds me of cherries. Just be careful though when applying this on your cheeks. You have to spread the liquid evenly so that your face won’t look like you got slapped by someone or got sunburned.

With that said, I can definitely say I am in love with cheek and lip tints. This will be my ultimate savior for my everyday use!

Disclaimer : This is not a sponsored post. I fell in love with Yoyoso’s lip and cheek tint that is why I decided to make a blog post out of it.

Another disclaimer : Got the featured image through Yoyoso’s website




Third Wave Coffee Shop : Firefly Coffee

December 26, 2017

Third wave coffee shops are slowly growing in the Philippine market. Over the years, Filipino people are starting to appreciate third wave coffees because they are different from the typical coffees we get in Starbucks and Coffee Bean. They are able to create this quality taste which makes Filipinos crave for.

In the past, coffee selection was simple. People would usually base it on a 3-in-1 sachet, plain black coffee or to put some cream and sugar in it. In its present time, you can expect a lot of people order different kinds of coffee drinks. Due to these different drinks, you can expect to recall what the other names are of these coffee drinks.

Before I go on, let me ask you a question. Do you have any idea what third wave coffee is? Based on my research, third wave coffee is more of a way to appreciate quality coffee. They use different kinds of beans and has their own brewing process to bring out the rich flavor of the coffee. Instead of calling the people working in third wave coffee shops “baristas”, a proper term is “ artisanal bartenders”. They are the reason why we get to taste quality, handcrafted coffees.

I have always been curious about third wave coffee shops in the Philippines. I get to hear about them but never got the chance to visit one because majority of third wave coffee shops can be found in Makati. As you all know, the traffic going to Makati from Quezon City is unbearable. Good thing I was able to discover this 3rd wave coffee shop within the area. This is no other than Firefly Coffee.

Firefly Coffee is own by Aldrich Shih, a fellow La Sallian. Before he could actually put up a coffee business, he had to take lessons on how to create quality craft coffee. From what started out as a simple stall in DLSU, it now has an actual store you can visit to. Firefly Coffee is located in Sto. Domingo, near a few schools which makes it a good location.

When you actually pass by the area, the first thing you will get to think of is how his business will grow. It’s a quiet and secluded area (try to remember pre-Maginhawa St.) which makes it quite hard for his business to get known to other people. But you will get surprised that Firefly is actually having good sales. It’s a mixture of students and working adults that can afford Firefly Coffee.

Upon arriving the coffee shop, you will notice how minimalist the place is. That is what Aldrich wants to convey with his coffee shop. His interior designer got inspirations from Japanese designs – something simple and pleasing to the eyes. You will also notice that Firefly’s logo is simple. Shih got the inspiration through a famous NBA team, Charlotte Hornets. He also decided to put up a bar area where customers can have a sit while enjoying their cup of coffee and interacting with the bartenders.

Since August 2017, Firefly has been able to incorporate different beverage and food choices. To start off, affogato is their best seller. If you are not familiar what affogato is, it is a coffee-based dessert. It includes a scoop of ice cream with a shot of espresso. Firefly’s kind of ice cream is homemade. For the first order, they let me try their Cookie Butter Affogato. It consists of cookie butter ice cream that has this rich flavor to it and their espresso known as 2401 (DLSU’s address). To make their affogato different, they placed banana lacatan underneath the ice cream to balance the flavors.

Another kind of affogato that they made me try is their B-52. It consists of housemade Triple Sec + Irish Cream with orange zests and their 2401 espresso. I highly suggest ordering this affogato if you want something strong.

For their espressos, Shih made me try their Dirty White (150php) and Latte (145php). Their Dirty White consists of ristretto over iced milk. Their Dirty White is a perfect drink for those people who came from the scorching heat and just wants to feel refreshed. Their Latte, on the other hand, has the right balance to it. It is not too strong, which I highly recommend.

Dirty White


For their Craft Tea, I was able to try their Dirty White V2 (150php). I am a big fan of craft teas and I highly recommend their Dirty White V2. This drink is perfect for non-coffee drinkers. It consists of 24-hr cold brewed Earl Grey tea with shaken iced milk.

Dirty White V2

Aside from espressos and craft teas, they also have different selections of craft juice sodas, milkshakes, handmade coffee and food.

With the selection of food and drinks they have, you can expect that Firefly Coffee will get known in the industry. You can trust Aldrich and his team to whip you up with quality drinks which will make you see third wave coffee in a different light.

*This is a sponsored post.
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A Festive Celebration in Ilustrado Restaurant

December 7, 2017

Ilustrado is a fine dining restaurant tucked in the hidden walls of Intramuros. This fine dining restaurant serves Spanish-Filipino dishes. Since 1989, they make sure to serve food that is top-notch and can pass as world-class.

The ambiance of Ilustrado brings you back to the past. It is evident through the architectural design of the place and its setup. The place will make you feel like you’ve experienced what it is like to be in during our grandparent’s time. They can also cater to your events. With that said, it is perfect not only for tourists but also for those who enjoys food and culture.


Christina and EJay invited me to this event and I am glad I said yes. All of the bloggers who attended this event got the chance to meet the owners, Bea and Bernice Pimentel. Their goal is to introduce Ilustrado to the millennial market since it is usually our parents and grandparents who knows about Ilustrado. Since Christmas is around the corner, Chef Bernice whipped out a course menu that is perfect for a festive celebration.

While waiting for the other bloggers, we were served a bread basket with a few of their specialty dips. Among all the dips served, I would have to go for their Boursin Cheese (Php165, 4oz).

For our appetizer, we were served Baked Eggplant in Filo Pastry. I enjoyed this dish because I am a fan of eggplant. It also has white cheese which creates this creamy taste. Aside from white cheese, there’s also olive and sun-dried tomato.

Baked Eggplant w/ Filo Pastry

After the appetizer came the main entrée. These were the Paella Ilustrado, Stuffed Chicken Relleno, Adobong Bagnet w/ Taba ng Talangka, Callos Madrilena, Twice Cooked Angus Beef Shortplate and Pasta Espanyola.

Among all the main dishes served, I would have to go for their Paella Ilustrado (Php 1,295) and Stuffed Chicken Relleno. Their Paella Ilustrado consists of the ingredients for a typical paella but they added local annato for a twist. I would definitely get Ilustrado’s Paella over Barcino. Their Stuffed Chicken Relleno consists of chicken relleno with tomatoes and banana on it. The way the chicken was cooked was splendid. I could still remember the taste of the chicken on my mouth.

Paella Ilustrado

Stuffed Chicken Relleno

Lastly, we had our dessert which consists of Matcha Chocolate Chip Cookies, Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies, Double Chocolate Chip Coconut Cookies, Baked Cheesecake and Chocolate Fudge Cake.

What I love about their cookies is that it’s not too sweet nor sugary. Improvements can be done on the Matcha Cookie. I was trying to look for the actual taste and look of the matcha cookie.  With their cakes, I would have to go for their Baked Cheesecake. I am not exactly fond of cakes but there’s something about this cheesecake that would make me want to get another serving. I highly recommend their Baked Cheesecake.

Ilustrado Restaurant is a perfect place to have a date or family gathering. Their food may be pricey but it is worth it and good for sharing.

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

Address: 744 Calle Real del Palacio (Gen. Luna), Intramuros, Manila 1002, Philippines

Contact: 5273674 / +639399206822


Facebook: Ilustrado Restaurant

Instagram: @ilustradorestaurant

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Restaurants Worth Going Back in San Juan, La Union

November 10, 2017

San Juan, La Union is the easiest surfing spot to go to from Manila. Although La Union is known for their waves, tourists also go for their food. Along the highway are restaurants, cafes and food stalls. This post is dedicated for those restaurants I believe is worth going back to.

L A  U N I O N  R E S T A U R A N T S

  1. Tagpuan sa San Juan

Tagpuan is a hole-in-a-wall restaurant where partygoers usually go to sober up after having drinks. It’s located at the side of the road that’s why it’s hard to find. What’s interesting about Tagpuan is that they serve delicious meals and prices are affordable. Other restaurants in the area would cost you around 200-300php. In Tagpuan, one meal can already cost you 90php and above.

They are known for their Tapa and it will cost you 95php. Their bagnet, on the other hand, costs 120php. When my best friend, her boyfriend and I went back to La Union, we ordered the bagnet again because that’s how much we missed eating this dish. Please remember that La Union serves great bagnet and that is one should not miss.

What I love about Tagpuan’s bagnet is how juicy and crunchy it is. It goes well along with the tomato salsa at the side. Although I love this meal, I still found this quite expensive because of its servings.


  1. The Coffee Library

Beside Tagpuan lies this new coffee shop called The Coffee Library. They originated from Baguio City, specializing in Vietnamese and Italian coffees. I am impressed with its interiors – wood is the majority of the material used. The café gave off a homey and cozy ambiance. A must try is their Iced Mocha. The taste of the mocha wasn’t that strong, just right. I did not get the chance to try their Vietnamese coffees. I will gladly go back just to try them out.

  1. El Union Coffee

This is a popular café in La Union that’s been gracing our Instagram feeds. Aside from their craft coffee, they also serve different kinds of food which a lot of people take for Instagram. One look at their café, you can feel and see how surfing influences their theme.


  1. Coast Call Kitchen and Bar

Located at San Juan Surf Resort, it’s a restaurant that offers international dishes at a reasonable rate. We ordered their bestsellers which are Coast Call Special (325php) and Buffalo Wings (265php). Among the two dishes we ordered, I would have to go for their Buffalo Wings. It consists of classic crispy chicken wings coated with your choice of flavor garlic parmesan, smokey barbeque and spicy hot. It was easy to eat the wings and the flavor we chose (garlic parmesan) complemented it.

  1. Makai Bowls

Makai Bowls is a known food hub in La Union. This is a place where people who are health conscious would go to. Itused to be located in Flotsam and Jetsam. It is now found at the back of El Union Coffee. A must try is their Amianan bowl (240php). It consists of dragon fruit, mango, papaya, banana and acai juice. Do take note that this bowl is seasonal.


My PCOS Journey

November 7, 2017

What is up you guys? It’s been a long time since I last made a personal post for the blog. I’ve been busy lately with food events and travels that I get to forget to write one.

Today, I went back to my Ob-Gynecologist. Only my close friends knows one of the health conditions I have – PCOS. I never told other people this condition of mine because it doesn’t seem that important to share to other people at first. But apparently, a lot of women my age experiences this condition as well.


If you do not know what PCOS is, it stands for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. According to WebMD, PCOS is “a problem in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance.” If left untreated, this can lead to diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Got the picture through Mayo Clinic. Image shows you how a normal ovary looks like vs a polycystic ovary


I found out about my PCOS condition 2 years ago. Before I found out that I have PCOS, I was able to have check-ups with the first doctor I went to. I’ve noticed that I wasn’t getting my period regularly. The first doctor prescribed metformin – a medicine used by patients with diabetes. The medicine helped for a while. But once I stopped taking metformin, my period would also stop. So, I would go back to that same doctor and she would still prescribe metformin. But I’ve noticed that when I took metformin again, it wasn’t working anymore. My mom and I decided to have a 2nd checkup in another clinic and doctor. Through this checkup with the 2nd doctor, that was the only time I found out I have PCOS.

What my 2nd doctor did, she let me undergo a transrectal ultrasound to check my ovaries. A transrectal ultrasound is where they put the device in the anus rather than the vagina. Apparently, there were cysts found in my ovaries. Thus the reason why I am diagnosed with PCOS.


Aside from not getting your period regularly, there are others that gets bad acne, weight gain and has a hard time to lose weight, extra hair found on the chin, chest, belly, back and thinning of hair. There are possibilities that the person can get anxiety and depression.


Usually, birth control pills should help regulate your menstruation. But what my 2nd doctor did, she did not prescribe me birth control pills at first. She told me to treat my PCOS naturally which is through living a healthy lifestyle. So how does one live a healthy lifestyle? By eating right and exercise. If this still did not work, then she told me to have a follow up checkup.

Can PCOS be cured?

At the moment, there’s no cure for PCOS.


Ever since I found out I have PCOS, I was already overweight. In order for me to have my period naturally, I had to start losing weight. In all honesty, it was really hard for me. Even though I would exercise and not eat a lot, I still had a hard time to lose weight. I almost gave up on myself and I would get criticisms saying “ang taba mo na (you’re so fat already). You should lose weight”. First of all, it’s really hard to lose weight plus dumagdag pa yung mga criticisms from other people. So, the stress was very real. There were times I tend to look down on myself kasi nga nahihirapan talaga ako maglose ng weight. My doctor also told me that by the time I plan to have a baby, it will be hard on my part. It’s either I pray for a miracle or undergo surgery.

Last year, I had to see an endocrinologist because diabetes runs in my mom’s side. I had to know what the status of my bloodwork is and I would want to avoid getting diabetes. Results showed that I was borderline of being diabetic. So, I had no choice but to try again to lose weight in order to avoid having diabetes and to treat my PCOS. (P.S. I started the program weighing at 145lbs).

Before I went through the weight loss program

In order to start this journey, I had to eat right and exercise. My doctor taught me the proper way to eat right. Instead of using a normal plate, you have to use a platito (a small plate) and that is where you put your rice and food. My doctor told me to avoid eating pork. Instead, I should focus on fish, chicken and vegetables. As much as possible, he told me to avoid eating rice as well because that is one of the main reasons why we have a hard time to lose weight. But he knows that I am starting out with this program. So, he told me to lessen my rice intake slowly. He also told me to avoid eating chips, oily food and desserts. To add, I should also avoid drinking soft drinks, alcoholic drinks and coffee. It was hard of course because while I was in the program, I was surrounded by people who would intake the food & drinks I would crave for.

I got used to the program after 3 weeks. This went on for a year. After, big results were shown. From 145lbs, I already weighed 120lbs. Through the program, my stomach fat slowly decreased. My clothes became loose on me. Finally, my dream of losing weight came true!

The Aftermath

Since I lost a lot of weight, I was already expecting that at least I should have my period already. Apparently, it still hasn’t come. This became alarming to me. That is why I decided to go back to my Ob-gyne and make a follow up check up.

After my check up with my doctor, she requested me to undergo another transrectal ultrasound for an update on my ovaries. I am hoping that there is improvements.


My doctor will start giving me birth control pills to regulate my menstruation. Honestly, I still don’t want to take these pills because I don’t want to be dependent on them. But, what can I do?

Women with PCOS knows it’s a hard journey to be in. Despite the rollercoaster ride, I know that I am not alone battling this health condition. I believe we need a strong support system and we should talk more about this condition so that other women can understand and educate them.

If you feel that you have the symptoms of PCOS, I urge you to visit your doctor and have it treated as soon as possible. If you have more questions about PCOS, feel free to leave a comment and let’s share our journey to help one another!


Korean Dessert : Snowbing

October 30, 2017

Attention to all Korean food lovers out there! There’s this new dessert place in SM North Edsa and it is no other than Snowbing!!

I was invited by Jayson of Team Kaladkarin for this event. Upon arriving the place, we were able to meet Ms. Maxine, a Marketing Officer of Snowbing. We found out that Snowbing opened last August 2017, having 2 branches which is in SM North and Trinoma. It is only in their North Edsa branch that serves food.

The nice thing with Snowbing is that it is locally owned. When you get to compare their menu from different bingsu places, they only limited their menu list so that their customers won’t have a hard time. What I also like with Snowbing is that their dishes truly cater to the Filipino market. Their bingsu bowls are not too big, prices are affordable (less than 200php) and their food are yummy which makes you want to order another serving.

Here are the ff. meals that was served to us:


  • Salted Egg Pasta (198php)
  • Korean Pasta (198php)
  • Kimchi Pasta (198php)

Among all the pastas that were served to us, I would have to go for the salted egg and the kimchi pasta. What I love about the salted egg pasta was that it was creamy which I totally adore. The Kimchi Pasta was sweet and its spiciness was just right. Combine the two pastas, I felt like I was brought to heaven.

Kimchi Pasta

Salted Egg Pasta


  • Honey Butter ( 188php)
  • Belgian Chocolate (198php)

I would have to go for the Honey Butter. It wasn’t that heavy compared to the Belgian Chocolate. The Belgian Chocolate became heavy because there were a lot of chocolate placed on the toast. Their toasts are perfect for a breakfast meal plus coffee.


  • Korean Pizza (120php)

The Korean pizza could have tasted better if they could add more flavor to the meat. The cheese became more powerful than the meat. Plus points because it is thin crust. My mom for sure will like this pizza.


  • Choco Brownie (188php)
  • Cheezy Mango (168php)
  • Matcha Green Tea (188php)

My favorite would have to be the Matcha Green Tea. I’m a fan of matcha and just the right sweetness on the red beans. If you want vibrant colors and a party in your mouth, you should order their bestseller which is the Cheezy Mango. It has mangoes, cream cheese and vanilla ice cream. If you are in the mood to eat pure chocolate, then get the Choco Brownie. 

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Snowbing. If someone asks me which Korean dessert place to go to, I will definitely recommend Snowbing.

*This is a sponsored post. All thoughts & opinions are mine. 

Snowbing Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


Bacon & Ribs Madness at Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

October 16, 2017

I received another looloo invite from Peanut. This time, it was held in U.P. Town Center and the restaurant we went to is no other than Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse.

To be honest, it was my first time to hear about Fat Daddy’s. So before I went to the eatup, I made sure to know what their specialty is. Apparently, they specialize on bacon and ribs which I love. I had high expectations for this restaurant because I kept on seeing positive reviews and I’m a fan of bacon and ribs.

F A T  D A D D Y ‘ S  E X P E R I E N C E

There were a few looloo reviewers with Josh (the owner) alongside them. They were starting to eat this big tray of Jera’s Ultimate Pork and Bacon Nachos, Hot Pork Poppers and Buttermilk Fried Livers. The nachos was served in whole size that costs around 600php, poppers costs around 175php and the buttermilk livers costs 185php. The nachos serving is huge that even 10-15 foodies won’t be able to finish it. But you don’t have to worry about the size because you can order it in half which costs around 330php. What I love about their nachos is that it is different from other nachos. The different flavors they added complemented my palate.

When I started to have a taste of the Poppers, I thought I was eating chicken skin. Apparently, it’s liempo strips and it goes well with the piedmont sauce. Last but not the least was the Buttermilk Fried Livers. I am not a fan of liver but I gotta tell ya, it is worth ordering! Upon first bite, I didn’t realize that I was eating liver already. There are just times that you get to taste liver but it’s not that strong.

Once appetizers were done, the main dishes started to arrive. This includes the Smoked Meat Platter, Mac and Cheese, Hot Mess (170php), Pulled Pork Tacos (230php), Triple Death Burger (440php), Big Bird Burger (275php), Smoked Salmon w/ Salsa Verde, Corn Dogs w/ Chips (240php).

The Smoked Meat Platter (2400php) is one of my favorites. It consists of smoked hot links, pulled pork shoulder, beef brisket, chicken bbq, and porked ribs. It comes with side dishes like chiquito’s grilled corn, bacon and chives muffin, sesame coleslaw and 4 plain rice. But among all the meat that was served, I would have to go for their ribs because the meat was tender and you won’t get tired from eating it.

My 2nd favorite main dish would have to be the Mac and Cheese (170php). I’m a fan of cheese and this made me get a lot of servings. This is perfect for a cool and rainy weather. Aside from the normal mac and cheese, it also has melted mozzarella cheese, bbq sauce and bacon.

My 3rd favorite would have to be their Smoked Salmon w/ Salsa Verde (540php). I am a fan of salmon – be it raw or cooked or smoked. Along with the main dishes came the milkshakes. The Smokey Maple Bacon Milkshake (195php) and the Caramel Popcorn Milkshake (195php) were the ones that was served to us.

I had to contain myself because dessert was on the way! Peach Cobbler (250php), Caramel Drizzled Banana Pudding (170php) and Bacon S’mores Dips (250php) were the desserts served to us. Among the 3, I would have to go for their Banana Pudding. I love anything that has banana and it was so addicting!

I had to know more about Fat Daddy’s and good thing I was able to talk to Josh, the owner of Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. Josh and his other siblings apparently own Fat Daddy’s. They’ve been in the food industry (catering business) for so long that they decided to open a restaurant in Marikina. They import US meat instead of local for that quality performance customers look for. They wanted to name their restaurant Fat Brother’s. Apparently, a computer shop got the name already so they just decided to go with Fat Daddy’s. The nice thing with Fat Daddy’s is that they do their ingredients by scratch.

If you are looking for quality ribs and bacon, I would totally recommend Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. If you get to meet Josh, don’t hesitate to talk to him. He’s very friendly and he will surely answer all of your questions about his restaurant.

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

Address: Ground Floor, U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Diliman Quezon City

Contact No: 7174482

Facebook: Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse

Instagram: @fatdaddyssmokehouse


*Sponsored by Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


Gabe’s Home Grown Kitchen : Home Cooked Dishes From Malabon

September 27, 2017

With the rainy weather right now, home cooked meals are much better than fast food. There’s something about home cooked meals that is comforting & soothing. No matter how much you eat, you wouldn’t mind because it makes you happy.

When I started to become active in looloo again, opportunities opened up to me. I was invited by Sir Dan to try out their restaurant, Gabe’s Home Grown Kitchen. As I received this email, I said yes in a heartbeat.

G A B E ‘ S  H G K  E X P E R I E N C E

Gabe’s Homegrown Kitchen is located at Katipunan Extension, after Hoy Panga & Nathaniels. It’s on the 2nd floor of the YDG Building. If you are driving, I suggest you slow down since this is quite hard to find.

As we entered the place, there’s a feeling of how simple & homey it is. There are games available for kids and kids at heart. There’s a wall where you get to post post-it notes for other customers to read your experience. Dan runs the business, the wife cooks & the name of the restaurant is actually their first born’s name. Now on its 3rd year, they are here to bring us Malabon dishes since Dan’s wife originally came from Malabon.

First up are Pinoy Cheese Sticks (80php), Kwek-Kwek (90php), Fish Balls (50php) and Squid Balls (60php). My favorite would have to be the Pinoy Cheese Sticks. I enjoyed eating the cheddar cheese inside the wrap. With or without sauce, it still tasted great.

Next came the main meals. First came the Lengua (280php) which consists of beef’s tongue, sauce and mushrooms. I love how tender the beef’s tongue is & how creamy their sauce is. The mushroom came in a good addition as well.

The Kare-Kare (250php) has a generous serving of beef tripes (commonly known as tuwalya) and vegetables in thick peanut sauce.

The Baked Ribs (190php) is one of my favorites. I love how easy it was for me to slice through the ribs without using a knife. With or without the sauce, it still tasted great.

The Tinumis (90php) is Malabon’s version of dinuguan. I would have to say that this dish is quite alright. Maybe I just got used to the usual dinuguan.

The Laing with Dilis (90php) was so-so for me. They did a twist in which they placed dilis. Maybe I’m just not used to the fact that there’s dilis in it.

The Crunchy Pork Sisig ni Gabe (185php) is the ultimate bestseller. To make their sisig more delicious, they added mayonnaise and special sauce. Their sisig can be at par with Manam.

The Horseylog (115php) is part of the all day breakfast. I read reviews that their horseylog is a must try. This was my first time to taste horse & it is truly for the brave at heart. As a foodie, you have to be willing to try different kinds of dishes no matter how weird it can be. Upon first bite, I can say that it is worth ordering. The taste is like beef tapsilog but better. I ain’t joking, you guys!

Valencia ala Malabon (80php) was our dessert to cap off the night. This is a levelled-up turon with saba, ube, monggo and langka. Just add 25php, you can get their ala mode which has ice cream on it.

With all the food that was served to us, they offered their freshly squeezed lemonade (65php). It was just right – not too sweet nor too sour.

During our dine-in, too bad I was not able to meet Sir Dan. But it’s okay because his staffs were attentive. They made sure that we were served properly. Hats off to them! Through this experience, I am definitely going back to try their other dishes & order another sisig with beer!

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

Address: Second Floor, 219 Katipunan Avenue, YDG Building, Blue Ridge, Quezon City

Contact No: 439-2093 (they deliver food as well)

Facebook: Gabe’s Home Grown Kitchen

Instagram: @gabeshgd

* Sponsored by Gabe’s Home Grown Kitchen. All thoughts & opinion are mine.


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