Goals For 2018

January 4, 2018

As I am writing this post, it made me think. Was 2017 even good to me? Certainly not. It was a year of plot twists.

The first few months of 2017 started out great. This was the time I still continued to lose weight to treat my borderline diabetes and PCOS. It was also the time when I went to Baler and celebrated Labor Day with a few friends. It was certainly a fun time because I learned how to surf and started to become more confident with myself. I also had the chance to go back to USA and entertain my grandma while we explore the different states.

But somewhere along the way, I started feeling lost, insecure and unhappy with the way things are going on in my life. I started getting mad and frustrated with myself. This was the time I started to overthink things in which I’m not supposed to do.  I believe it was a wake up call from God. That’s why I decided to distance myself from certain people in order to heal myself again.

I am saying this because I want everyone to know that my life is not perfect. I’m human which means I make mistakes, I get hurt and failures will always be part of my life. I am the type of person who has a hard time to voice out her thoughts and opinions. As an only child, I had to learn to be independent. I can’t depend on other people since I was told that no one will help me but myself. As an only child, I also had to mature fast so that I will properly understand what’s going on with my surroundings. I had this huge patience with everyone I deal with. I also had to show people that I am strong no matter what happens. It’s only through this blog of mine that became to be a safe haven for me.

I am thankful and grateful that I have friends who are very patient with me and understands with what I’m dealing right now. When they found out about my situation, they were very patient and didn’t judge me. As I start 2018, I promise to leave all my negative thoughts and experiences in 2017 and start a new chapter with my life. When I welcomed the New Year, it gave me the time to reflect on what kind of theme and goals I want to achieve. Without further ado, allow me to share to you all my goals for 2018. I believe this will be an exciting journey ahead of me!

M Y  2 0 1 8  T H E M E:


G O A L S  F O R  2 0 1 8:

  1. Practice Self-Love. I told myself that 2018 will be the year that I will be selfish. It means I will be prioritizing my own happiness first and foremost. This will give me the chance to learn how to be an essentialist. When you say essentialism, it’s the ability to say yes to what’s important in your life right now. I must learn how to say no to things that will hinder my growth. If someone invites me to hang out but I just want to stay at home the whole day, then I must learn to say no to that hang out. I constantly need to learn how to speak my thoughts and feelings. I should not be too hard on myself. I should forget about the past, live in the present, and work for the future.
  2.  Get known as a content creator. Last year, I was slowly getting recognized. A lot of opportunities opened up to me. I get invites to restaurants to try their food and stay in a hostel for free. For 2018, my goal is to challenge myself by getting known through different brands. This will be an opportunity for me to get invited to different events and share my craft to other people.
  3. Start YouTube. I’ve always wanted to vlog but I was scared all the time. For this year, I challenge myself to start a YouTube channel and vlog anything and everything under the sun. I want this platform of mine to be an avenue where people can learn how to voice out their own thoughts and opinions. It has also been a dream of mine to be good in hosting so I will use YouTube as a platform to practice my talking skills.
  4. Solo Travel in the Philippines. I’ve always wanted to do solo travel but my parents won’t allow me because I’m an only child. They don’t see the importance of solo travel and another factor is that I’m a girl. This year, I want to prove to them that there’s nothing wrong with doing solo travel even though I’m a girl. I will start in the Philippines. I am in the process of saving money for my planned solo travel which will be in Siargao.
  5. Get fit again. When the holidays started, I gained weight. There were lots of food I would constantly take. So for this year, I need to train myself to go back to the gym and lessen my food intake. I do not want to be diabetic please and I want to be able to treat my PCOS.



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