Meet & Greet Choco Mucho Ambassadors : Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata

October 29, 2017

The biscuit brand, Rebisco, created this product called Choco Mucho which a lot of people I personally know loves. Who else are perfect to represent Choco Mucho? It’s no other than Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata.

M E E T  &  G R E E T

Last October 28, Choco Mucho held a meet and greet event for all Yassi Pressman & Tanner Mata (#YassNer) fans to interact with. The event was held in The Joy-Nostalg Building. The event started with Yassi & Tanner performing a song for them. Afterwards, an interview was held. Fans who attended this event had the chance to know the latest happenings in the lives of their idols.  Fans had the opportunity to talk to their idol and have their pictures taken. There was also games for fans to play with their idols. Check the photos below how exciting and heavenly this event was.

Yassi talking to her fans

Yassi singing a song to her fans

Tanner singing to his fans

Thank you Choco Mucho for these treats. Til the next event!



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