A 2nd Time Around in Jamie’s Steak Room

September 26, 2017

To go to a restaurant is just like being in a relationship. There are good and bad relationships. If it’s a bad kind of relationship, you have the option not to go back to the person or give him/her another chance. When it comes to restaurants, you also have the option not to go back or give it another chance. Prior to my first blog post, I decided to give Jamie’s Steak Room another chance. We might not know that there could have been improvements from last time. And because I decided to give Jamie’s Steak Room another chance, I had the pleasure to meet the owner, Ms. Arlene Tong.

#FoodisLayf ika nga so the very first thing we did as we arrived at the restaurant was to order our dishes. Here are the following dishes we ordered:

  • The Clamchowder
  • Salad
  • Porterhouse 

Both my dad and I ordered the clamchowder as our appetizer. I wanted to taste their clamchowder because aside from the fact that my it’s my dad’s favorite appetizer, he also told me last time that Jamie’s clamchowder is really good. Lo and behold, it was really yummy! I love the fact that the soup’s creaminess is just right. Jamie’s clamchowder can be at par with S&R.

For their salad, I wasn’t able to try because I was waiting for my main dish. According to my dad, their salad is good but he noticed that the vegetables were not fresh anymore. It could have been better if it was fresh to make it look presentable. What I actually like with what Ms. Arlene did is that if it’s your first time to eat in their restaurant, you’ll actually get a free salad from them. This kind of getup is actually new so they consider all their customers (be it a regular customer) as a new customer.

For my main dish, I ordered the Porterhouse again. The very first time we ate in Jamie’s, I also ordered this dish and I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. So, this time, I wanted to see if there would be a difference despite being it a local meat. When you actually talk about local meat, it’s actually unpredictable if the meat will turn out to be too tough or not. Because of this, I decided to make my steak medium. This time, it was much better. The glide of the knife wasn’t that perfect but it can pass my standards already. For their mashed potato, it could have been better if it was creamier. As with the sauce, there was a strong pungent smell. I didn’t bother using it.

Dad ordered the Sirloin Steak. He found it to be quite right as well. Instead of mashed potatoes, he got plain rice. His sauce also had this pungent smell which makes this his only problem with his order.

This time, I would rate Jamie’s Steak Room a 4/5. Ms. Arlene was able to take note of the things she had to improve for her restaurant. Aside from the meals we had, we had a good conversation with Ms. Arlene that will never be forgotten. Because of my blog & the suggestions we gave, she decided to give us a complimentary dessert.

If you are looking for quality steak, Jamie’s Steak Room is the place to go. When I go back to Iloilo, for sure I am going back & will definitely try their U.S. meat. Their U.S. meat is quite pricey but I believe it will be worth it.

G E N E R A L  I N F O R M A T I O N

Address: SM City Iloilo South Point, Iloilo City, Philippines

Contact No: 0929 496 2280

Facebook: Jamie’s Steak Room

Instagram: @jamiessteakroom



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