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A Short Rabbie’s Tour

November 16, 2016

My parents and I wanted to explore Scotland with limited days remaining. We asked our AirBNB host if she could recommend any tours for us. There were 2 tour agencies she recommended – The Hairy Coo and Rabbie’s Tours. We pushed through with Rabbie’s Tours since they have a lot of positive reviews in TripAdvisor. We decided to join their Rosslyn Chapel & the Scottish Borders Short Tour.

To start the tour, the meeting place was in Rabbie’s Cafe, Waterloo Place. We had to be there before 9:30 am since they always leave on the dot. Fortunately, it took us a 10 minute walk to reach the place. Included in our tour were the transportation and the services of our guide. Lunch and entrance fees to some attractions are excluded.

The Journey with Rabbie’s Tour

Our first stop was by the Scott’s View. I could say that this is the most stunning view of the Borders. You are able to overlook the towns below, the Eildon Hills and the River Tweed. This spot’s known to be Sir Walter Scott’s favorite view. When he passed away, the horse pulling the hearse to take him to his interment stopped at this spot.  That was how they usually do it when Sir Walter Scott was still alive.


The next stop we did was at the Original Sir William Wallace Monument. The movie, Braveheart, was dedicated to Sir William Wallace. This monument was built by David Stuart Erksine, the 11th Earl of Buchan. Before we reached the statue, it took us a few minutes walk. Good thing I was wearing comfortable rubber shoes that time.


We then proceeded to Melrose to have our lunch. Along with this lunch break, you have the choice to visit Melrose Abbey. Melrose Abbey’s known as the final resting place of the heart of Robert the Bruce. My mom and I didn’t enter since there is an entrance fee. You are still able to appreciate the view of Melrose Abbey even though you are just outside. I was able to find a good place to capture the inside of Melrose Abbey.



Our last stop was at the 15th century  Rosslyn Chapel. If you are a fan of Da Vinci Code, then this is a good opportunity for you to visit. This was where they shot the ending scene of the movie. While looking inside the chapel, you will be able to appreciate the detailed works done by the architects of this church. You are not allowed to take a picture once you are inside the chapel. Thus, the outside of the chapel was the only thing I was able to take a shot of.Please do take note that there is an entrance fee for this chapel. If you want to know what is inside the chapel, then you better visit the chapel.


To have the short tour with Rabbie’s gave me the opportunity to know more about the history of Scotland. It was interesting to see the beautiful views and attractions that Scotland can offer. When you get the opportunity to go to Scotland, take a tour with Rabbie’s.


Adult Prices: £31.00 – £39.00
Concession Prices: £28.00 – £36.00
Departs: 09.30
Returns: 16.15 approx
Departing: Mon, Tues, Thur, Sat, Sun


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    I think you could improve on your writing. Rather than give historical backgrounds on the photos you could just give a brief description of how it made you feel when you saw it because people could go there and hear about the history anyways. I also think you need to rethink your grammar and wording as some sentence structures are run-on and just a roundabout way of saying something straightforward. To be a travel blogger is to give tips and ways to ease travel for the readers and not be a know it all.

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      Thank you for your constructive criticism!

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