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It’s been a long time since I last blogged! To be exact – a month since my last update. Here are the following life lately hacks:

  1. I am finally back in Manila! The main reason why I wasn’t able to update my blog was due to a travel hiatus. My family and I had our first Europe Trip! It was exhausting yet fulfilling. I learned a lot in our first Europe trip and I can’t wait to share to you all 🙂
  2. There were some dishes in Europe that I didn’t enjoy and there were a few that I enjoyed. In Bergen, I enjoyed eating in this seafood restaurant called Fjellskal. They served good salmon which is my favorite! The way they cooked their food reached my expectations. In London, I enjoyed eating their famous Fish and Chips in Borough Market!
  3. What I love about Europe is that there are a lot of attractions worthy to see. With their attractions, they make sure to keep it in good condition for the future generation to appreciate the history behind their attractions.
  4. I love riding their public transportation! It’s safe and comfortable. You won’t get lost because there are lots of European citizens who will surely help you out. If I were given the chance to work and live in Europe, I would grab the opportunity.
  5. Since I was in Europe during my birthday, the best gift I have ever received would have to be the Northern Lights in Iceland. We were lucky enough to see the Northern Lights on our first day. God truly works miracles. We should never take these things for granted.


How has your life been lately? Please do share!

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