Hey there,

For as long as I can remember, I considered you as one of my best friends. Our adventures together were the best ones that I will never forget. We even had plans to go to other places in the Philippines and make an indie video. But I guess that’s not happening. Issues were starting to pile up in our barkada and I still made sure to stay by your side because I know how it feels to be abandoned by “close friends”. I was trying to bring peace not just for our friendship but for the barkada as well.

Unfortunately, everything changed. You told me you were tired. If you are tired, then I am dead.I felt embarrassed for you because in this friendship we had, I was the one who did the majority to make our friendship strong. I made sure to bring you home safe and sound. I made sure that you get to have free passes for any concerts we go to. I made sure you were always included in my plans. I even tried to make our barkada closer again. I never expected anything in return. I guess my feelings don’t matter to you.

Others say that best friend breakups are worse than couple breakups. I’ve never been in a relationship so I don’t know if this is true. But I guess it’s true because in every situation we went through, we turned out to be strong. What ever you heard from other people pertaining to what I said, I won’t withdraw from it. People know how concerned I am towards you. Even the Lord knows. In this kind of situation, my pride radar goes on. But, I brought my pride down because I still believe everything is still worth fixing.

I know it’s partly my fault that I wasn’t able to tell you my feelings sooner. But I do hope you get to grasp everything that I said. I actually don’t care if you think or other people think that I was being “plastic” towards you. If you get to read this message, I don’t expect a reply from you as well.

I just want to say Thank You – for all the friendship and adventures we had together. Thank you for listening to my rants and trying to make sure that I was okay. Thank you for all the spontaneous hang outs we used to do. I will really miss those moments. When you also told me to push through with my travel blog because you believed in me, thank you. I am Sorry – for everything that has happened lately. Last but not the least, advanced Goodbye – just in case you truly decide that our friendship is not worth saving after all.

I wish you all the best and may you create new memories with your new set of friends.  

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