Birthdays and holidays play a special role in my life. This is the time where we get to celebrate and be with our loved ones. To make these events special, I decided to write My Personal Wishlist. This wishlist is to remind myself that having a wish does not necessarily need to be materialistic. It can also be for future life purposes. So without further ado, I present to you my personal wishlist:

My Personal Wishlist

1. Canon G7X – Since I travel a lot, I need a camera that is lightweight, has great picture and video quality. I got interested with this product since a lot of bloggers and vloggers get to use this camera. This, for sure, will be a steal!

2. Unlimited Travel Ticket – As you can see in my blog, majority of my posts are focused on travel. It would be a dream come true of mine if I get the chance to go to different countries with hard work and dedication.

3. To inspire other people through this blog – Ever since I started blogging, I can’t seem to stop. Blogging about my adventures makes me happy because I get to share to other people my experiences. I want other people to know that you don’t need to be rich in order to travel. You just need to have the guts to travel and create your own adventure.

4. A puppy – Ever since I was young, I have always wanted a puppy. As an only child, there are times I feel lonely because I have no one to interact with. Having a puppy at home will surely lift my spirit and I can just talk to him/her because I truly believe that dogs have feelings as well.

5. To have my own business – Aside from the family business, I want to be able to prove to other people that I can have my own business and make it grow. I know it’s a big responsibility but I am willing to take the risk.

6. New Macbook Pro – My current Macbook Pro has been with me for 6-7 years already. Although it still works fine, there are times that my laptop lags and battery drains fast. Also, I tend to leave it at home since it’s too heavy. With a new macbook pro, I know I will be able to bring it with me wherever I go so that I can work on my blog posts properly.

7. Peace on Earth – With everything that’s been happening, I pray that everyone can fix their differences and shake hands. That is what the Philippines need.

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