How To Really Know Someone Part 4

September 9, 2016

31. Who are the people who have influenced you?

My parents play a big role when it comes to influence. I look up to them because I know how successful they are. That is also my wish – to be as successful as them and to continue their legacy.

32. Which of the four cardinal virtues do you embody the most?

I think I embody justice. I’m the type of person who would promote equality to all.

33. What are some things you like about your sibling?

To tell you honestly, I don’t have any siblings. Buuut, I do consider my cousins as my siblings. I love the fact that even though I don’t get to see them always, there is still a close bond between us. We are able to share anything and everything under the sun. If one of us is feeling down, we always make sure to set a schedule where we can meet and catch up and help one another.

34. Would you save an extremely talented musician who has the influence to promote good values for the world or a pregnant woman in a situation where it is certain you must choose one over the other?

I would choose the pregnant woman because not only will I be able to save two lives, this will give the woman the chance to start fresh with her unborn baby and she will have the chance to do everything she can to make her baby’s life worthwhile.

35. If you could choose the sex and physical appearance of your soon-to-be-born child, would you do it?

Honestly, yes HAHAHAHAHA. I would love it if my oldest child would be a boy then he will be able to protect his younger siblings.

36. What would it take someone to make you feel really fulfilled?

I tried to understand this question but my brain just can’t function =))

37. Do you daydream a lot? What do you daydream about?

I love to daydream but of course, I do it discreetly. I wouldn’t want other people to be calling my attention when I daydream. LELZ.

38. If you were at a friend’s house for Thanksgiving dinner and you found a dead cockroach in the salad, what would you do?

I will politely tell my friend that I saw a dead cockroach in the salad. Of course, I will tell him/her discreetly because I don’t want my friend to feel embarrassed by the situation.

39. How honest are you about your thoughts and feelings (i.e. do you hide your true self from others, and in what way)?

It depends on the situation. I’m the type of person who loves to observe and I tend to have a hard time to express myself. But if I get to notice that the situation is getting out of control, then that’s the time for me to step up.

40. Do you look like any celebrities?

Others say I look like Charice Pempengco…. HAHAHAHA

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