There are actually a lot of hidden restaurants in Cambodia. Due to my cousin’s constant research on finding good cafes to go to, we finally discovered Gelato and Coffee Lab!

Gelato and Coffee Lab is located in Alley West, within the Pub Street Area. The cafe is quite hard to find since you will have to get in a small pedestrian. Just check the map and for sure, you won’t get lost.

Gelato and Coffee Lab has a wide selection of gelatos and coffees to choose from. You can choose either the ice cream or sorbet typeTheir ice cream consists of traditional Italian flavors whereas their sorbet is more on the flavors of fruits. Their ice creams and sorbets are all made from scratch. You can truly say that there is no additives or chemicals placed – 100% original flavors. Their coffee, on the other hand, is oh so good! Their coffee reminds me of a third wave coffee place that I’ve been to in Metro Manila. According to my cousin, their coffee tastes like Toby’s Estate. Gotta try this one soon!


The ambiance has this rustic vibe and a perfect place to chill. My cousins and I love to hang out by the sofa facing the windows. It could have been better if they can make the place a bit bigger so that more customers can enjoy the place.


We were welcomed by attentive and presentable staffs. They always have a smile on their face and they made sure that their customers will have a good time. Because we love the place too much, our group was well known by the staffs. We felt at home and we were lucky enough to meet the owner! Since we were able to meet the owner, we had a quick chat and discovered that he actually likes the Philippines!

Gelato and Coffee Lab is the type of cafe that you will surely want to go back to – their delicious gelatos and relaxing coffee sets the perfect mood. When I go back to Siem Reap, no doubt that I will go back to Gelato and Coffee Lab.



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