It’s been 13 hours since the time of the car crash incident. Til now, I still can’t believe that something like this happened to me. Let me reiterate the story:

Around 12:45am, thankfully, I was already inside our village when the accident happened. I was driving along my street and I suddenly fell asleep. Just in a snap of a finger, my car crashed on another car. That was the time I woke up and went back to my senses. I went down the car to check how big the damage was. While getting down the car, I felt like a jelly because I had no idea what to do, it was early morning for pete’s sake (everyone was asleep) and it was hard for me to look for a security guard within the area. Instead of hyperventilating, I had to remain calm and go to the security office which is located at the clubhouse. I reported the situation right away, had to wait for them at the scene where it happened and waited for my parents to wake up.

I really thought something major was going to happen to me. You know how in movies when they get to experience a major car crash? Well yes, that is what I experienced. From this experience, I was able to pick up a few pointers on what I learned.

  • I learned that you should value your life more. When the accident happened, I really thought something major would happen to me. When I hit the car that time, the airbag did not even open up. I guess my head hit the dashboard because my head still hurts. I am thankful that I did not get hurt and I was given a 2nd chance in life to begin with.


  • I learned that once you start feeling sleepy, stay in a safe place and make sure to energize yourself in order to drive properly. Even though you think you know your body well, when it comes to getting sleepy on the road, do everything you can to stay awake.


  • It’s okay to feel emotional. When I was in the police station to file a report, I actually started to be emotional. Of course I had to control myself because I did not want to cry in front of the police and the 3rd party. You have every right to take a rest or be with your friends to make yourself whole again


  • Car insurance works wonders! Because of the accident, we had to be the one to shoulder the expenses on the car of the 3rd party. Good thing we have car insurance! So, we don’t really need to shell out a lot of money.


  • Thanking the Lord. Before this incident happened, my faith towards God decreased. But because of this incident, I believe my faith in Him has increased again. Without the Lord, I could have been dead by now.

What other lessons can you share to other readers when experiencing a car crash? Would love to hear your thoughts on this! 

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