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Life Lately 4

March 22, 2016

Time flies so fast so I just decided to put up my 4th Life Lately. Here it goes!

  1. The first week of March was the celebration of my cousin’s birthday. March 1 is her actual birthday. We just had an intimate dinner with the family. On a Saturday of that week, it was a bigger celebration which consists of a lunch with the other family members and her close friends in Manila. It was held in Balay Dako in Tagaytay. Then, there was a drinking session that night. It was such a long time that my cousin and I had a “duet” (if you know what I mean HAHAHAH)2. Our trip to Europe is officially happening!! We started booking our flights and accommodations. We were able to get a great discount for roundtrip to MNL-London. An economy seat would usually cost around 60k roundtrip BUT because of the sale, we were able to get it for 30k roundtrip/person. Such a great find! For Iceland, we’re staying in Iceland Air Hotel Natura Reykjavik. Now, it’s more of finding an accommodation for London and for the other places in Europe that were visiting. HEHEHEH

    3. Last weekend, we were able to go back to Baguio!! Because of the TPLEX, the trip to Baguio became faster. We usually would ride the first class Victory Liner bus to Baguio then going back, via car. My dad had a golf game in Baguio. When we went back to Manila, my goodness the heat was UNBEARABLE!! It made me want to go back to Baguio.

    4. On the 2nd week of March, my mom went with me to Makati to check out the universities located in America. Basically, mom wants me to do some continuing education. I still feel that I am not ready. You see, I really have a big trauma when it comes to school and grades that’s why I tend to dislike going to school. School was and is not my cup of tea.

    5. Mom really wants me to work with them. I am still giving it a thought but to be honest, my heart and mind is not in it. No matter how hard I will try to understand everything, it will be all a waste. I really hope there’s a guide map for my life right now.


How has your life been lately? Please do share!

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