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Enchanted Kingdom Escapade

March 8, 2016

When going to different countries, there are a lot of theme parks you can visit. For instance, the famous DisneyLand and Universal Studios in the United States of America. There is also Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan  known for the Harry Potter attraction. In Korea, there’s the famous Lotte World and Everland Theme Park. When visiting the Philippines, you can definitely visit this theme park called Enchanted Kingdom.

Last Friday, my cousins from the province went to Manila to celebrate our cousin’s debut. We decided for an out of town trip to Enchanted Kingdom. Enchanted Kingdom is located at San Lorenzo South, City of Santa Rosa, Laguna. We had plans to leave Quezon City around 9:30am so that we can start early and make full use of our time. Instead, we were able to leave around 12pm and I drove all the way to Santa Rosa, Laguna. Around 2:30pm, we finally arrived Enchanted Kingdom.

As we went inside the theme park, the first ride we went to is EKstreme Tower! EKstreme Tower is a thrill ride where you get to see the view of Enchanted Kingdom. This will take you to the top for a minute and a sudden drop at 76 kph. I’m a big fan of extreme rides because there’s the feeling of adrenaline rush and pumps up your system. Although I love riding extreme rides, I still get nervous and scared. That’s the beauty of these rides – when you get to endure these kinds of rides, you can endure anything in life.

enchanted kingdom 2016(3)

The second ride was Anchors Away. Anchors Away is my favorite ride among all the rides in Enchanted Kingdom. It’s a pirate ship where it swings back and forth and can reach up to 70 degrees.

If you want to get wet, there’s the Log Jam and Rio Grande Rapids. In Log Jam, you are seated in a dug-out log, takes you up and down a lift and splashes you with water. In Rio Grande Rapids, you are seated on a raft and traversed in raging waters. After riding these water rides, we went to Flying Fiesta to dry ourselves. You can expect your clothes to start drying in Flying Fiesta due to the rotation speed of the swings.

The famous rollercoaster, Space Shuttle, cannot be missed. This turns 6 times – 3 times forward and 3 times backward. In all the rollercoasters I’ve ridden, this is the only rollercoaster where I get to open my eyes and enjoy the ride.

enchanted kingdom 2016 (9)

There are new rides like Air Race and Disk-O-Magic. Air Race is an acrobatic plane where it makes acrobatic stunts that will surely make you feel dizzy. There are certain times the planes will do a 180 or 360-degree turn. In Disk-O-Magic, this takes you on a spinning and rotating motion. You are seated like riding a motorcycle while there’s protection at your back so that you won’t fall off the ride.

enchanted kingdom 2016 (8)Disk-O-Magic


enchanted kingdom 2016 (11)

There’s Rialto where you get to watch and experience 4D. In all fairness, Rialto has improved. Before, it was all about the chairs moving to the direction of character in the movie. Now, there are “real life experiences” to make you feel YOU are the main character of the movie.

enchanted kingdom 2016 (5)

If you want some horror feels, you can visit Kubot: The Aswang Khronicles. This is a walk-through experience where you get to feel chills and feel scared by Kubot. A Kubot is a kind of aswang where they squeeze the victim’s internal organs. I am a huge fan of horror films. But to be honest, I cannot stand if the horror theme park is walk-through. Just get your heart ready if you get gulatin. Take note: 75php for entrance.

There’s the Dodgem a.k.a BUMP CARS! This is such a classic but this never gets old. Kids and adults would surely enjoy this ride. Get ready to bump other people!

Listed below are other information needed for the theme park:

Ticket Rates

500PHP – regular, unlimited day pass (weekday)

600PHP – regular, unlimited day pass (weekend/holiday)

250PHP – junior, unlimited day pass (weekday)

350PHP – junior, unlimited day pass (weekend)

enchanted kingdom 2016 (4)

enchanted kingdom 2016 (6)


enchanted kingdom 2016 (12)


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