Life Lately

Life Lately 3

February 28, 2016

This is my 3rd update on my Life Lately. Here it goes:

  1. February wasn’t good to me. Actually, the whole 1st quarter (December-February) was not. I was expecting to get that free trip to Hong Kong since I was able to have close sales to be actually considered. Clients kept on delaying and I can’t force them to have everything closed by February. Thus, I felt like I was in a rut.
  2. My cousin’s having her 18th birthday this coming March 5. Once again, I am in charge of the drinks. Gotta whip up something special for her friends since I know her friends love to drink! Another year has passed and I feel old HUHUHU
  3. Last night, my uncle from the States arrived Manila around 11pm. He’s not your regular uncle. Rather, he’s gay and he usually talks about his escapades. Yes, it may seem bastos to listen but I still love him even though he’s like that.
  4. I am starting to get the hang of posting content on my blog. It is a process, baby steps to grow my blog.
  5. Although the 1st quarter was not a good time for me, I need to make sure to do March with a bang!

How has your life been lately? Please do share! 

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