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February 26, 2016

As I browse through YouTube and other posts from the bloggers I follow, they get to share what apps can be seen on their iPhone. So I decided to make my own post on what apps you can expect to see on my iPhone.

It’s such a bummer though that when I purchased the iPhone 6S Plus in Smart, it was the 16GB that was free so I have no choice but to make use of the 16GB. People close to me knows that I LOOOVE downloading application for my phone – be it games, photo and video editing, lifestyle, etc. I guess if I have enough money, I might decide to sell this iPhone and change it to the 64GB. Without further ado, here are the limited applications you can find on my iPhone:

Facebook/Messenger/Twitter/Snapchat – these are my go-to social applications! Especially twitter and snapchat HAHAHAHA. You may follow me at @genegoquingco

Viber/WhatsApp – I use these applications for work related or if I am in another country. This helps me communicate with my family and friends.

VSCO/Snapseed – These two are my ultimate photo editing applications!!! Before I post something on Instagram, I have to make sure my photos are on fleek. The first thing I do is use Snapseed – this is where I do my basic editing like fixing the saturation, contrast, brightness, shadow, etc. Then, this is the time I open my edited photo in Snapseed to VSCO. VSCO is my ultimate baby – I looove their filters! I haven’t bought any filters yet because the filters I get to use are perfect for my Instagram feed.

Instagram – my go-to social media application for photos. I’m planning to make a post on who to follow on instagram. You may follow me at @genegoquingco

Grab/Uber – I use these if I didn’t bring any car with me. Grab & Uber have the same concept but what makes them different is how they range the travel price. There are instances that Uber gets to be cheaper than Grab. There are also instances that Grab is cheaper than Uber. So for me, it’s still a win-win situation. I would rather get this kind of service than hailing for a taxi.

Waze – my go-to app when I travel. ESPECIALLY DURING TRAFFIC HOURS AND EDSA.

MMDA – I use this app if I need to check where the traffic is. Aside from Waze of course.

Spotify – Since i’m running on 16GB, I can’t save music on my phone since it will get full easily. So, I decided to get the Spotify premium so that I can save my music while I’m offline. Another great factor of Spotify is that you can check out different kinds of playlists from different parts of the world.

Zalora – I just love checking out the clothes in Zalora. LOL.

So… there you have it! I know, bitin sya. But don’t worry! I’ll make a part 2 but this time, on my iTouch!

Care to share what you have on your phone?


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