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The Forest Lodge at Camp John Hay

February 16, 2016

When I was still a kid, it was a long drive to go to Baguio. Back then, it would take us 6-7hrs by land that was why I tend to get lazy to pack for Baguio even though I love going up there. Baguio and Tagaytay kind of have the same weather but it is much cooler up in Baguio. Due to advanced technology, the government decided to make another route to Baguio. This new route makes our travel time a lot easier and such a breeze. What better way to enjoy your stay in Baguio is through staying in The Forest Lodge.

The Forest Lodge is located inside Camp John Hay. There is another hotel located in Camp John Hay which is The Manor Hotel. The Manor Hotel is what I consider the “high-end” hotel. The Forest Lodge is more of the cheaper version but the service is splendid just like The Manor.

Upon entering the hotel, the lobby is spacious and there are a lot of couches where guests can stay. There is a fireplace that represents what a lodge should look like. It’s nice to chill with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine with you. To top it off, their WiFi is free plus it’s fast! During Christmas season, it was our 2nd stay in the hotel. They never failed to disappoint guests with their creativity to make the lobby full of Christmas spirit.



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At your left side, this is where you can find the mini bar and the music room. What I love about their music room is that they were able to preserve the phonograph (commonly known as record player). Since I love anything vintage and music, it was truly a piece of heaven. It would be really nice to have your own record player at home and act like you went back to the 40’s.

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At your right side, this is where the restaurant is, known as TWIST. What I like about Twist is that they offer affordable dishes and they get to fulfill our stomachs with yummy local dishes.

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Upon entering the room, I actually felt like not getting out of the hotel anymore because the room was spacious plus the beds were very comfortable. Since the beds were comfortable, I tend to have a hard time to wake up and craved for more sleep due to the cold weather as well. Regular rooms in The Forest Lodge can accommodate 4 people. They don’t have any aircon in the room, instead a ceiling fan is placed. Basic amenities in the room can be found as well like cable TV, phone access, hair dryer, hot and cold shower, mini refrigerator.

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The Forest Lodge is a piece of heaven with affordable rates. The staffs are accommodating and they make sure your stay will be enjoyable. All the basic amenities you need in the hotel are there plus the fast WiFi. The food in Twist is splendid with affordable rates as well. You can be assured that you will have a safe and peaceful stay.

If you have any plans to visit Baguio, I definitely would recommend The Forest Lodge. To know more about their rates, please visit their website which is If you do get to stay in this hotel, please do share your experiences as well! I would love to hear from you 🙂

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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