Museo Orlina isn’t your typical art museum. One would think that this focuses on paintings but actually, it’s glass art. It was actually my first time to hear that kind of artwork in the Philippines. This is something different I thought. With my mom and my family friends, we decided to check out Museo Orlina.

While touring around the place, we were able to gather facts about Ramon Orlina. One fact is that Ramon Orlina studied architecture in UST and he later discovered how to use glass as a form of art. You can see different kinds of glass arts done that you might think how is this even possible? Hahaha. There were even some artworks of his that were being sold. The cheapest would have to be 100k and the most expensive would have to be millions of pesos. Napalula ako sa presyo. I just had to understand because you are buying artworks due to the artist’s talents.

Among all the artworks we saw, I have to say my favorite would be The Schott Crystal Glass. If you are not fond of artworks, then you may find these pieces as a simple artwork. But, if you appreciate art, then you can find these works as a gem. Each of us has their own meanings towards artwork. There was something about The Schott Crystal Glass that got my attention.

If you want to experience a different form of artwork, I suggest that you visit Museo Orlina. All his artworks are made out of glass that will leave you in awe. You might never know, by visiting his museum will your creative juices flow out of you.

Note : entrance fee is 100 but if you are a student, 80 pesos.






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