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Experience Sinulog Festival

January 22, 2016

If you have plans of visiting the Philippines, I would highly recommend YOU to celebrate Sinulog Festival with us next January! So what is Sinulog Festival?

Sinulog Festival is a lively celebration that is usually held every 3rd Sunday of January in Cebu. This festival aims to celebrate the coming of Sto. Nino with a grand parade that lasts for hours! Because of this grand parade, cars can’t pass by the major roads anymore. You have no choice but to walk towards your destination.

What happens usually in a grand parade is street dancing. Groups of Cebuano and Cebuana dancers would create dances with colorful costumes and props. They would even use music to make the festival lively and for the audiences to dance along with them. And when they dance, they usually say Viva Pit Senyor! I was not able to fully watch all the dances of the festivals (just clips of it) but it was surely grand.

To sum it all up, my first Sinulog experience was truly intense and at the same time memorable. Imagine, my friends and I had to walk through a sea of people. In order not to lose one another, we had to hold on tight to each other and push other people away to  move properly. To add, you should experience having paint all over you! It’s a festive celebration so why not make yourselves dirty and enjoy for a day or two!












Sinulog_heat                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    (c) cebutours.phSinulog-720x358                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (c)techinasia.comSto._Nino_Basilica_de_Cebu_from_the_Pligrims_Center-francisco-pajares(c)

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