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November 30, 2015

Hello all! I believe it’s time for me to spice things up in my blog. I just can’t depend on my travel posts since I don’t have the luxury of time to travel to all of the places I would love to visit. In order to spice up my blog, I decided to make a blog series called Life Recently. I tend to look at other people’s blogs to get inspiration and it so happens I got this idea in Alissa’s blog.

READING// I am currently reading All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. According to one of my best friends, this tackles on the topic of mental illness and it’s a great book that can be considered to be a tear jerker. I got interested with this book because there are not a lot of authors that makes stories on mental illness. I believe authors should make more stories on mental illness so that other readers can understand mental illness and see their point of view. By knowing their point of view, it will be a way for us to help other people with mental illness.

LISTENING// I am listening to Equinox by the American Dollar. This is actually an instrumental type of music. Perfect to listen around early morning.

WATCHING// Due to IFlix, I have discovered a new series called Mr. Robot. The gist is basically about hacking. I found it interesting because I would love to learn how to hack… for fun. LOL.

FEELING// STRESS. I am an overthinker. Due to my work, I have been trying to find ways just to reach my quota. But as of the moment, I still can’t find ways. HAAYZ.

THINKING// of ways on how to get a new client for the month of December. I BADLY need to reach my quota!!!

CLICKING// looking at other people’s blogs is interesting. It’s as if I knew them waaaay before blogs were even invented. This is a good strategy to reach your readers and to meet different kinds of people.

REFLECTING UPON// my life. I worry for the future to the fact I really wish to be really successful.

What’s your life lately? 


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