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3 Days & 2 Nights Stay in Boracay Regency

July 1, 2015

Everytime I get the opportunity to visit Boracay, it has always been spent with my family. What my family and I enjoy about Boracay are the pristine white sand and the amazing sunset you can see by the beach.

Our trip this time to Boracay was not for leisure. Rather, more for my parents work. They had an event with BITA (it’s an IT organization in Boracay) and they showcased our company’s solutions on safety (VESDA – Very Early Smoke Detector Apparatus and HeiTel – CCTV Solution) I decided to go with my parents to somewhat help them out and of course see Boracay beach as well. What better way to enjoy all these while staying in Boracay Regency.

Boracay Regency is located at Station 2 Beach Front. This hotel is very convenient because it is at the middle – close to D’Mall, close to the party life and close to the food establishments. The hotel’s theme really represents the ideal lifestyle of how one should be when in the beach – laidback and relaxed.

I would have to applaud the Henann Group of Resorts for a job well done in regards to accommodation. From the airport, we went to the waiting area exclusively for Henann Group of Resorts visitors. After a few minutes, a van picked us up to bring us to the port. When we arrived at the pier, I got suprised because they have their own speedboat to bring us to Boracay Island. They were very efficient/prompt and made sure our bags were well handled and safe.

When we checked in, another room was supposedly be given to us since the real check-in time is around 1 or 2pm. We arrived Boracay around 10am and we wanted to take a rest already. Good thing there was an available room for us to stay and take a short nap.  Our room was located at the 3rd floor and I believe the room that was given to us was a Deluxe Room. It consists of 1 king bed and 1 single bed.

(as seen in – their main lobby

You can find different amenities in this hotel. They have different kinds of function rooms depending on the occasion. For regular tourists, the most well known facility would have to be their pool. They have 3 different kinds of pool – East Wing, pool with a jacuzzi and pool with a mini bar.

(as seen in – the pool with mini bar and jacuzzi

(as seen in – pool facing the East wing

Aside from their great accommodations and amenities, Henann Group of Resorts also placed different kinds of food establishments to cater one’s needs. If you feel like eating buffet style, they have this restaurant called Sea Breeze Cafe. This restaurant offers different kinds of meal every day so that visitors won’t get tired of seeing the same food everyday. This will make visitors want more unexpected food to be shown. They also have dancing chefs at night. Usually tourists would flock over this restaurant to watch and take videos of the dancing chefs.

(as seen in

(as seen in – interior design of Sea Breeze

If you want to experience the party style, they have Wave Lounge. I haven’t tried this party place because I prefer to go to these kinds of places with my friends. What I have noticed though is that they offer special rates to tourists at a certain time. Usually, it’s the buy 1 take 1 kind.

(as seen in

If you want fine dining, they have Christina’s. This is perfect for romantic spots and you just want to have a peace and quiet night. When you stay by the beach area, there are performances such as singing to feel the romantic vibe. When I go back to Boracay, I should give this a chance.

(as seen in

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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