The LARGEST ARTS FESTIVAL is finally here in Manila !

These Fringe festivals actually started in Edinburgh to Cape Town to Adelaide to New York then finally, Manila. Fringe MNL is an arts festival that showcases different types of art (dance, music, theater etc.) from different walks of life.

Last February 12 2015, Fringe MNL started to open their doors to the public. This event is an 18-day festival that will run until March 1. I found out about this festival through my good college friend and I suddenly got interested to be a part of Fringe MNL even just by volunteering. I am a fan of the arts since I used to dance ballet and streetdance during my younger years and I even took a few years of voice lessons. That is why the arts really holds a special place in my heart.

My college friend and I decided to volunteer as photographers for this festival. Although I would love to attend all of their shows, I cannot since I had to balance work and my extra curricular activities. As the saying goes “If you want something, you will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal”

For this event, my college friend and I documented the whole show. Honestly, we really had a hard time to document the show because the play itself is brilliant ! They may be 3 actors on stage performing but you will be really blown away on how they are able to capture the audience’s attention towards the play and portray different characters. As much as I would want to keep on sharing the story in this blog, I would rather not. I would want YOU to experience the play itself ! Further details regarding the play can be found here.

Photos below are what Angela and I took during the event.

















Happy Fringing ! Please do watch the other shows of Fringe MNL !

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