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A Successful Climb in Mt. Batulao

February 25, 2015

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Nasugbu, Batangas
Jump-off point: Evercrest Golf Course, Nasugbu
LLA: 14.0408 N 120.8011 E 811 MASL
Days required / Hours to summit: 1 day / 2-4 hours
Specs: Minor climb, Difficulty 4/9, Trail class 3 with 60-70 degrees assault

Features: Open trails, rolling slopes, scenic views of Batangas

My very first hiking experience was in Bacolod, Mambukal Resort. After that thrilling experience, I became passionate about hiking mountains and I did not want to lose the wanderlust and spark in me. I was able to climb Mt. Pico De Loro (which I will blog about it soon) and this mountain, Mt. Batulao, is checked off my bucket list.
Although I was able to climb a few mountains in my life, I would still consider myself to be a beginner since I am still not used to climbing mountains and I still need to condition my body in order to climb more mountains easily. If this will be your first time to climb a mountain, you don’t need to fret. Mt. Batulao is a good choice for first timers although you will have to be prepared physically and mentally. One has to be prepared physically since there are a lot of obstacles you will pass through. There will be times that you will have to start holding on the big stones for support. One has to be prepared mentally since this will not be your usual walk in the park. One has to remember that there are steep trails along the way.
With my experience in hiking Mt. Batulao, we ascended using the old trail and descended using the new trail. From the fork to the summit using the old trail, it would usually take 1.5-2 hours for those people who are used to climbing mountains. But if one is just a beginner, it will usually take 3-4 hours. When we descended, it took us 2-3 hours.
The good thing about hiking mountains is that it isn’t expensive compared to other extreme physical activities. Below are the following details one has to remember when climbing Mt. Batulao :
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  • take the bus from Coastal Mall to Evercrest (104php)


(as found in

  • From SLEX, proceed to Tagaytay and turn right when reaching Tagaytay Rotonda. From then on, this goes all the way beyond Tagaytay Public Market and past the marker welcoming you to Nasugbu. Evercrest is just a little past KM. 72. When looking for parking, just go inside Evercrest, go straight and make a left turn. One can park by the village (right, downward road) or randomly park in a place with the sign board “parking spaces”. There’s usually a fee for that.


FOR DAYHIKE  (since it was only dayhike that I have experienced):

  • 1.5 – 2 L of water (I suggest you bring 2 bottles of 2L of water)
  • If one is still not satisfied with water, you may opt to bring energy drinks (Pocari Sweat, Gatorade, etc)
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Sunblock
  • Protective Sleeves (there are tall grasses in the area and you will be really needing this if your skin is prone to getting scratches easily)
  • Hiking Gloves (optional but highly recommended)
  • Food (trail snacks and lunch)
  • Trekking Pole (optional but highly recommended)
  • Extra clothes
  • Camera (of course)


50php (25 pesos each) – Registration in Camp 1 (when ascending) and Camp 4 (when descending)

5php – urinate

30php – Mountain Dew

TOTAL : 85php (Our expenses turn out to be super cheap since we were already staying in the Cavite area + we had a private transportation)


6:30am ETD from Trece Martires, Cavite

7:45am ETA in Evercrest Golf Course

8:20am Parking inside Evercrest

8:40am Start of trek from jump-off point

10am Reached Camp 0

10:30am Continue trek til summit

12:30pm Reach summit/Lunch

2:00pm Start descent

5:30pm Reach jump-off point

6:00pm Reach parking and freshen up


Do I need a guide?

If it is your first time to hike, I would suggest getting a guide. Please contact Kuya Edwin (09361137238). Aside from our personal guide and a good friend of mine, we decided to get Kuya Edwin since my mom wanted a porter to carry her bag + I also needed his help whenever there were some obstacles we had to pass through. He’s really a good guide, trust me! If you are used to climbing mountains and you know the ins and outs of Mt. Batulao, then you don’t need one.

P.S. Please do not get child guides. Yes you may be helping them for their livelihood but you will be the one who will have a hard time in the end.

Which trail is harder, old or new?

In my opinion, both trails are the same. But experienced climbers in this mountain would usually say the old trail is harder.

Is this mountain safe?

I haven’t heard any news about this mountain being attacked by NPA’s or whatnot so this mountain is really safe. Although you might have read the news about a girl who died during her climb. Rest assured that the local guides are safe to get since they know the mountain at the back of their palms. It was the girl at fault that was why she died.


The start of our ascend towards the summit


Camp 1 – where people usually stay overnight & this starts to lead towards the summit


Mt. Batulao Crew





Seeing this view everyday will give me the sense of fulfillment


Friendship Goals : Mountain Climbing


We have finally reached the Summit !



Forever hiking buddies <3





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