Day 2, May 4

Part 2 of our Bacolod trip was pure adventure ! Since it was a sunday, we woke up in the early morning to leave for this island called Lakawon Island. Lakawon’s located in Brgy. Cadiz Viejo. In order for us to feel like locals, we rode the bus (Ceres Bus Line) from the city proper. It took us a good 2 hours to reach Cadiz. From the bus station of Cadiz, we had to ride the tricycle that will take us to the barangay proper. Once we’ve reached the island, we had to pay for the entrance fee first then waited for the pump boat that will take us to the island proper. It took us a good 15-30 ride.

wp_20140504_002The view while going to Lakawon

img_4393But first, let me take a selfie HAHAHA

When we arrived the island, we were at awe ! There was white sand but nothing can’t beat the fine, white sand found in Boracay. The water was very inviting. My cousins, friend and I were too excited that we hurriedly fixed our stuff, placed it in the tent rental and got ready for a swim.

Though the place is great, there were some flaws. For instance, their public bathroom. I felt uncomfortable to pee & walk properly. I understand that it is an island so you should learn how to go along but since it is an island plus there were places you can sleep in, they should have thought of making it cleaner and better. I understand that the owner wanted to have the simple feels but they should have thought of their customers as well. They should also fix the prices they give to their customers. I found it expensive for a small island. When you bring in food, aside from paying for the tent, you will have to pay for the corkage fee. I also found out that the food they serve is expensive and not that good. But still, we enjoyed the sand and water and took a lot of pictures.

wp_20140504_009Already enjoying the clear water in Lakawon


Around 2pm, we decided to go back to the hotel to take a rest and prepare for the 7pm mass in one of the oldest churches, St. Sebastian Cathedral.

wp_20140504_011One of the oldest churches yet it still stands as it is

After mass, we decided to have dinner at Cafe Bob’s. I wasn’t able to save a picture of what I ate but I remembered I ordered their lasagna which is one of their best-sellers. You truly can’t go wrong with Bacolod when it comes to food and their price. You will surely love to order lots of times. Due to an upset stomach, I wasn’t able to have dessert in Calea (i cry). I took pictures of the yummy desserts they had.



Alright then ! Part 2 of my Bacolod adventure will end here. I will try to do part 3 by tomorrow or tonight because each day of our adventures gets exciting !

If you have any comments/suggestions about the trip or the blog, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment because I would love to improve myself as a blogger 🙂


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