Chill Night & Serious Conversations

November 24, 2013

Yesterday, my friends and I were supposed to watch Catching Fire. Obviously, we’re big fans of The Hunger Games trilogy hihihi. We decided to watch it in Eastwood. But when we arrived, the line was so loong that we decided to just have dinner and have a casual, chill night.

We had dinner in The Sizzlin Pepper Steak. Super duper missed this place. This restaurant brings back memories of my high school years. If I am not mistaken, I ordered the Beef Pepper Rice. It was just how I wanted it to be. What I really missed about this place is how the food would sizzle hehehe.


After having a hearty dinner, we decided to have some chill drinking @ Rue Bourbon. The ambiance, I must say, is very chill. Really a great place to go chill drinking and having those catching up with your best buds. It also looks like those bars in the states & Europe. It could have been better if they played chill jazz music instead of EDM. I super duper loove EDM music but in that kind of setting, I wouldn’t suggest though.

I ordered their draft beer. The taste at first was, meh. But as you get to have those deep & serious conversations with your best buds, then that’s where the actual flavor comes out. My other friend ordered their well-known caramel draft beer. Even though there will be an aftertaste of caramel, I still don’t like it !


If you guys want to have those catching up convos with people you haven’t seen for a loong time, then I really suggest going to this place @ Eastwood.

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