Bad Start Wednesday

July 17, 2013

I super hated the way my Wednesday went today. From Monday-Thursday, my classes always start at 8am. I arrived school before 8 and looking out of the window, I was shocked ! From Quirino Station (LRT), there was flood ! The flood reached ankle length that is why people coming from the train, will have a hard time to walk going to Andrew Bldg. When I arrived Andrew Bldg, my notes fell on the ground ! I wouldnt mind if it didn’t rain but it did and my notes got wet ! I was super annoyed ! These were the notes that I had to use for my first class ! But thankfully, it got dry and I was able to use them efficiently.

After my 2nd class (TREDTWO a.k.a Theology class), was my break. I hung out with the usual people – Gem and Ulep. We tried looking for a place to eat and we had no other option but to stay in Sbucks (Starbucks hehe). What I like about hanging out with your high school buds is that you get to share stories with one another. You realize that there is something in common with your high school friends that’s why it was easy to talk to them and be great friends with them. Well, that’s what happened a while ago haha. We shared anything and everything under the sun. Spontaneous talks like this should happen again so that I will learn how to open up to other people haha.

After, we went to our class. My 1-230 class was the last class for the day since my original last class was free cut. Now, here I am in the library, trying to do thesis while waiting for my other groupmate. Though you want to start already, it’s actually hard. As they say, two heads is better than one.

Tomorrow will be a special day for my mom because it will be her birthday ! Yeaayyy !! Will post about this soon 😀

Toodles for now,


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