Going Back In Time

May 30, 2013

Last night, I was having dinner with my aunt and uncle from the States and my aunt asked me this question : “Do you watch American or Filipino shows more?” Then I answered her back saying that since I don’t watch TV that much anymore, I focus more on watching American series like Awkward, Arrow, Nikita etc. But from time to time, I make sure that I am able to watch some local shows as well. She asked this question because when she was young, there were no tagalog tv series. There were only 5 local shows during their time which includes ABS-CBN there already. The rest were purely American shows and cartoon shows for the kids during their time.

As we had this conversation, I started asking how life was back then in the past. My uncle shared that when he was living in the province as a kid before, he wasn’t able to experience having a refrigerator. They will have a storage full of ice where they can put some of the things they bought in the market. When they’ll cook their food, they also had to do it the hard way. But of course, my uncle was able to have those things when he was going on his pre-teens.

During their time, everything was actually hard to use but interesting to see. But compared to the present, everything is so fast, easy and up-to-date. During their time, the computer was as big as a small room then there were puncher cards there that the hard drive can actually read. With the type writer when you make a mistake, you have to use correction tape. In the present, no matter how big or small a laptop/computer is, it already has a big file in it. It will be easy for you to do your homeworks and other things. When you make a mistake, you can always just press on the backspace key. On the cellphones, they had big cellphones (as big as a shoebox) that is just being left in the car. But now, you can bring it with you anytime and anywhere you go. This is not just a basic cellphone but with internet in it.

As they kept on talking about their experiences, I really am thankful that I am able to experience the latest technology in this century. I also have to be thankful to my parents that they work so hard to earn a living and for me to actually experience all these things that they never experienced during their days. It would be interesting to be able to see some things during their day. It would surely be a legend. 🙂

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